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22 November, 2003

After a busy few days, I finally got back to working on the Lexicon. Nik the Hermit’s analyses of Little Whinging and of number four Privet Drive is complete and I’ve uploaded it all. He actually found a house of … Continue reading

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15 November, 2003

New page added about the Hogwarts choir. Okay, okay, I know, there ISN’T a Hogwarts choir in the books, so this is definitely NOT CANON, but it’s so interesting that I decided to add the page anyway. Included on the page … Continue reading

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12 November 12, 2003

Another wonderful essay has just been added, this one called “How Safe Is Privet Drive?“, written by Jen Reese. To complement the essay I’ve included another beautiful drawing by Marta T. based on the first chapter of Order of the Phoenix.

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11 November, 2003

In case anyone’s interested, I’ve uploaded a page showing a scan of one of the pages of my research notebook about OP. I had a few requests for people who wondered what my notebooks looked like, so if that’s you, here you … Continue reading

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9 November, 2003

New pages: information about the Chamber of Secrets film, edited by Marilyn Cole new page for the Atlas giving details of the location of Little Whinging in Surrey, carefully researched by Nik (who lives in that area and has been investigating homes … Continue reading

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3 November, 2003

Two new essays have been added: “Those Unpredictable Defense Against the Dark Arts Professors” by Louis F. Badalament, II “A View of the Map: Understanding How The Marauder’s Map Works” by Steven Beers Also added are a wonderful new map of Wizarding London and … Continue reading

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2 November, 2003

Most of the new spells have been added to the Spell Encyclopedia, which is a bit of a relief, since I do get a lot of email reminding me about them. I am still adding more, however. Tonight, for example, … Continue reading

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28 October, 2003

I am delighted to announce that a new essay has been added to the Lexicon, this one delving into the possible connections between Ginny and Harry. The author of this essay, Water Witch, emailed me the other day to point out, without … Continue reading

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On Lexicon impartiality

Well, this has been interesting. You’d think that I would have been familiar enough with the, uh, fervency of fans when it comes to “shipping,” but I have to admit that I was surprised by the reactions in email to … Continue reading

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19 October, 2003

I finally got around to editing and publishing an essay from my dear friend Penny Linsenmayer, who was in many ways the person most responsible for Harry Potter for Grown Ups being what it is today. Penny’s essay is entitled “Partners … Continue reading

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5 October, 2003

New stuff: beautiful new illustration called “Mourning” by Marta T., on the page for the fifth book. new artwork added to the Bestiary, thanks to Cassie Songer and Vic Xntric outline of the details of the life of a Wizard, from infancy … Continue reading

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14 September, 2003

I’ve just added another new essay, this one by Ali Hewison, entitled The Tragedy of Petunia Dursley.

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