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28 October, 2003

I am delighted to announce that a new essay has been added to the Lexicon, this one delving into the possible connections between Ginny and Harry. The author of this essay, Water Witch, emailed me the other day to point out, without … Continue reading

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On Lexicon impartiality

Well, this has been interesting. You’d think that I would have been familiar enough with the, uh, fervency of fans when it comes to “shipping,” but I have to admit that I was surprised by the reactions in email to … Continue reading

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19 October, 2003

I finally got around to editing and publishing an essay from my dear friend Penny Linsenmayer, who was in many ways the person most responsible for Harry Potter for Grown Ups being what it is today. Penny’s essay is entitled “Partners … Continue reading

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5 October, 2003

New stuff: beautiful new illustration called “Mourning” by Marta T., on the page for the fifth book. new artwork added to the Bestiary, thanks to Cassie Songer and Vic Xntric outline of the details of the life of a Wizard, from infancy … Continue reading

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