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Happy birthday to JK and to Harry!

I wish you both a long future of health, love and laughter! I am pleased to say that I have added some stunning new artwork by four longtime Lexicon contributors: Red Scharlach (The Crouches), Riikka Jäntti (Ron, Draco, Snape), and Laura Freeman … Continue reading

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Half-Blood Prince Additions

We’re still adding new information from Half-Blood Prince. Lisa has the new characters added and Michele has been adding new spells and magic items. John has been working on the Reader’s Guide pages for the new book, listing all the new … Continue reading

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Please don’t go.

I need to add a follow-up to my comments of July 20. I wrote that in response to a horrible, sickening post on a Harry/Hermione website. I still feel exactly the same way about what I read there. I am … Continue reading

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More updates all over the site. I have had a few notes from people who have been spoiled when they Googled something like ‘Death Eaters’ and hit the Lexicon’s page. I am truly sorry if that happens. We talked about … Continue reading

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July 18, 2005

If you want to see my notes prior to my making updates, I’ve been putting them out on my livejournal. I warn you that they contain massive spoilers (that’s what they’re for!) I’ve made some small updates to the Spells Encyclopedia … Continue reading

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Reporting In

This is Steve reporting in. I’ve been on vacation and offline for a few days, but I’ve been busy anyway. I just uploaded some revised pages and I’ll be adding more soon. John has been busy working on the Reader’s … Continue reading

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July 17, 2005

I am in the process of adding new characters: Alecto; Amycus; Aubrey, Bertram; Belby, Marcus; Belcher, Humphrey; Benson, Amy (Muggle); Bishop, Dennis (Muggle); Burke, Caractacus; Cadwallader; Chorley (Muggle); Cole, Mrs. (Muggle); Coote, Ritchie; Cresswell, Dirk; Cuffe, Barabas; Damocles [Uncle]; Flume, … Continue reading

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July 14, 2005

I’ve been adding spells and other things from the last few chapters of Order of the Phoenix over the last couple of days, finishing up the cataloging of book five. Our new editor, John Kearns, has been working through the Reader’s Guide … Continue reading

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July 4, 2005

I’ve added a few more maps to the Atlas of Hogwarts. I think there are enough there now to satisfy just about anyone’s wishes. But there is much bigger and better news. If you follow the links to Sources of Lexicon information, … Continue reading

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July 1, 2005

Just added new maps to the Atlas of Hogwarts and a new essay by Cornelia Remi which is simply outstanding. There will be more to come. We’re hard at work getting things ready for the 16th…which is barely two weeks away!

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