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New essay published on Flobberworms

Professor Koniphorus Swamp is at it again, writing about the flora and fauna in the world of Harry Potter as no other essayist! Be sure to have a look at her new essay, speculating about the surprising importance of one … Continue reading

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October WotM

The new Wizard of the Month for October is now on Jo’s site, Idris Oakby. This gives us another new canon character along with a new canon organization. Am I on new canon overload? Nah, not possible!

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W.O.M.B.A.T. Crib sheet under development (commentary too!)

Hi everyone, I have been collecting bits and pieces that may be of use to people taking the W.O.M.B.A.T. It has *no* commentary, just canon and bits from reference books. Crib sheet: The Lexicon staff commentary is also in … Continue reading

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The Puzzle behind the Door

I’ve created a page of Instructions for working the puzzle behind the Door, including pictures, and updated most of the relevant pages in the Guide to with the other additions from today. We will be working on our commentary … Continue reading

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Door is open!

Just noticed that the door is open on No time to explore further (Real Life and all that…), but you know we’ll be all over it! Watch for more…

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Jo has added to her site today: 2 News articles, 3 Rumours, Diary entry #8, and a new Fan Site Award. I’ll finish updating the Lexicon later today. I had to leave for work right in the midst of the … Continue reading

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Back from the ‘magic factory’

I just got back last night from London where I spent a glorious, magical day visiting the studios where they are busy filming the latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Warner Bros reps took … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Hermione Granger

The Wizard of the Month calendar on Jo’s site has once again displayed birthday greetings for Hermione Granger. and I’ve updated the Guide to JKRowling official site and the Timeline.

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New Essay Posted- Snape’s Eyes, by Edward M. Kern

It is my very great pleasure to announce the posting of a new essay, Snape’s Eyes, by Edward M. Kern, Associate Professor of History at Lawrence University. If you attended Lumos 2006, you may recognize this essay — it was … Continue reading

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Artists page updated

Hi, this is a minor change, but I just updated all the links on our index page of Lexicon artists. Some of the website links no longer worked, some had moved, etc.

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Jo updates her site

Jo has updated her website in the News section, in Extra Stuff- Miscellaneous (a NAQ ‘Never Asked Question’) and her Diary. I have the Guide to updated. 😀 Wheee! It’s wonderful to hear from her! Thanks Jo! I’d also … Continue reading

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New artwork by Makani

Makani made my day today. It was an OK day. Pulled weeds, went to work, grocery shopped and came home, but something made me check my subscriptions to “friend’s” Livejournals and Harry Potter fanartist Makani (Heather Campbell) had posted no … Continue reading

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