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Dragonologist new WotM on

With the new year comes a new Wizard of the Month… Harvey Ridgebit This is a new canon character, but the Peruvian Vipertooth and the dragon sanctuary in Romania are not. So is this the reservation where Charlie works? Would … Continue reading

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2006 Lexicon Year in Review

As most folks do at this time of the year, we have looked back at the events of the past year on the Lexicon and marveled at it all. To quote Dumbledore from the first Leaving Feast “Another year gone! … Continue reading

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Who is your country’s most popular Potter character?

I started playing around with Google Trends yesterday, and came up with some fun results I wanted to share. For those who don’t know, it’s a set of statistics about where (in what countries and cities) different terms and phrases … Continue reading

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Door closes on

The Do Not Disturb sign is back on the Door today. The Door was open for a full week this time. I’ve now completed a page in the Guide to detailing the puzzle behind the Door Opening #7. I … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Steve!

Please join us in wishing a very Happy Birthday today, December 27th, to Steve Vander Ark, HH, CWWEA-ld, MMM, KCL, SM, Gurg Headmaster of the HPLexicon, Chief Warlock of the Wizarding Examinations Authority- Lexicon Division, Minister for Muggle Magic Keeper … Continue reading

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More About Hallows

As part of our quest for the possible meanings of ‘hallows,’ Lexicon friend Bandersnatch kindly agreed to assemble some information for us. The result is an excellent essay which gives us some context for the new book‘s title. Enjoy: The … Continue reading

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Roonwit writes about his research into the decoy titles

We asked Roonwit to write this entry about his (and Pablo’s) research into the titles, and this is what he sent us… Warner Bros. have often registered decoy trademarks with the real Harry Potter titles, for example the trademarks HARRY … Continue reading

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Is ‘Hallows’ a noun or verb?

As John said, we’re trying to research this with more authoritative sources than are usually found free on the web. Some brilliant research and theorizing is being done, but here at the Lexicon we want to be cautious and make … Continue reading

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Deathly Hallows

Good morning! We’ve been working around our already jammed holiday schedules to do some site updates with the new book title. We’ll be abbreviating it site-wide as DH, as you probably could have guessed. I’ve got a brand-new page up … Continue reading

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Door opens on, Book 7 title announced

The secret Door on Jo’s site is open just in time for Christmas! But you’ll still need to puzzle your way in. Here’s how: 1. Click on the open door in the mirror, a small tree will appear. 2. Click … Continue reading

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Diary and Rumour update on

Jo has updated her site this morning with a new Diary entry and a Rumour.

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Happy Birthday Charlie Weasley

… and we have another birthday! The WotM calendar on Jo’s site is displaying birthday wishes to Charlie Weasley for December 12th. Happy Birthday Charlie!

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