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February WotM & Publication date

The new Wizard of the Month for February 2007 has shown up on Jo’s official site. Mnemone Radford 1562 – 1649 Developed Memory Modifying Charms. First Ministry of Magic Obliviator. News headline: Publication Date for Harry Potter and the Deathly … Continue reading

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More backwards words from

Recently we shared the work of Secca from who transcribed the words showing from the reverse side of a Scrapbook page on Jo’s site. (These pages are extra content hidden around the site, and are only available once you’ve … Continue reading

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Remembrall Search Engine Plug-in for Firefox

If you’re a Mozilla Firefox user (like me), you know how convenient it is to be able to search from the toolbar and select the site you’d like to search with a simple drop-down. Now, you can search the Lexicon … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Severus Snape

As expected, the WotM calendar on Jo’s site is displaying happy birthday wishes for January 9th to Severus Snape. Since birthdays began showing up on the site, with Neville Longbottom being the first on July 30, 2004, and over the … Continue reading

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Decorations put away on

The Christmas decorations have all been put away on Jo’s official site. Also, the glitch with the date on the Biography journal (that we noticed earlier) has been fixed.

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And another essay . . . the physics of magic

I’m just trying to make up for lost time over my busy holiday season! Here’s another great essay, this one by Dr. Immo Garrn, adapted from a presentation he made at the Patronus conference in Copenhagen during the Summer of 2006 … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! essay: In Search of . . . the Hut-on-The-Rock

. . . and here’s another essay by Ravenclaw Rambler, this one going In Search of . . . the Hut-on-The-Rock. Enjoy! 

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