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Happy Birthday Ron! and WotM is our old friend Tilden

Happy Birthday greetings to Ron Weasley have appeared again this year for March 1st. Also, the Text Only version of the site is listing the new Wizard of the Month for March as Tilden Toots 1959 – present ‘The wizard … Continue reading

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The Floo Network to raise money for Book Aid International with Deathly Hallows guide

The Floo Network (The Lexicon, The Leaky Cauldron and Accio Quote) has launched “,” a collection of essays about Book 7 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) that we hope will raise money for Book Aid International, an organization that … Continue reading

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Snape quotes page now includes Book 6

I have been working on and off to update the page that collects quotes by and about Snape, and it is finally finished. Whew.

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New artwork and movie actor quotage

We have some new images from Makani: Slughorn, Prof. Binns, Nick, and Ginny. Enjoy! I also recently added some short quotations by movie cast members about the roles they play: Daniel Radcliffe, Jason Isaacs, and Emma Watson. P.S. Makani just … Continue reading

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Lexicon redesign coming!

We have been hinting on and off of projects we are working on behind the scenes here at the Lexicon, and we’re ready to tell you of the smaller project: the redesign of the look and organization of the Lexicon! … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and Me video now online

One of the Lexicon’s most often-cited Rowling interviews is the 2001 BBC Christmas Special “Harry Potter and Me.” Not only was it beautifully produced, it remains to this day an important source of Potter canon — especially the scene in … Continue reading

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Book updates on Jo’s Official site

Jo has updated her website this morning, with a new Diary entry, a Rumour and two entries in FAQ About the Books. I’ll update the Guide to Jo’s site as the day goes on.

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Happy Birthday Arthur Weasley!

The WotM calendar on Jo’s site is showing birthday wishes for Arthur Weasley on February 6th, again this year. I have updated the Guide to

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‘Nother New Essay, In Search of . . . The Burrow

Here’s a new essay speculating on the whereabouts of yet another iconic Harry Potter location from the prolific and entertaining Ravenclaw Rambler: In Search of . . . The Burrow.

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New essay! Wizard Money

Greetings on T-167 days and counting until Book 7 publication! I have an essay for any math wonks out there (that’s “maths” to Jo and others in the U.K.): check out our new essay on Wizard Money from a fan … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday John!

One of our Lexicon team is celebrating his birthday. Please join us in wishing John Kearns a magical day! John is responsible for the Gazetteer and Bestiary sections, and many other pages around the Lexicon. He has also dedicated an … Continue reading

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