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Happy Birthday Fred and George! and WotM is Magenta Comstock

The Wizard of the Month calendar on Jo’s site is again this year displaying happy birthday wishes to Fred and George Weasley for April 1st. What a fitting birthdate is April Fools Day for these pranksters! Be sure to visit … Continue reading

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Cover art!

Thrilling, confounding, gorgeous cover art! Be sure you’re sitting down when you look. High-resolution artwork has been released today by Scholastic and Bloomsbury [Link outside: Leaky Galleries]. :Gulp: Treasure! Patronus! Locket! Silver Hogwarts? Strange triangle/circle emblem! Veils? Hallows? Let the … Continue reading

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New essay! Astronomy in HP

I know it’s been awhile, but I have finally posted another new essay. This one is from astronomer and past Lexicon contributor Mike Weinstein: Astronomy in the Harry Potter Series. Enjoy!

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New OP Game…you’re going to want to play this one!

When I was in London in September, I got a first hand look at Electronic Arts’ new game for Order of the Phoenix. I have to admit that I’ve never been much into arcade-style games, preferring to play Excite Truck and … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Remus Lupin

The WotM calendar on Jo’s official site is showing Happy Birthday wishes to Remus Lupin for March 10th, again this year. So far, all birthdays have repeated since appearing for the first time, with no new ones nor any being … Continue reading

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Character names in translation (Dutch and Norwegian, so far)

Remember my idea to provide lists of the character names from the translated versions of the books? So far I have created a page for the Dutch names (Dank u, Sandra!) and a page for the Norwegian names (Takk, Siri!). … Continue reading

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