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  • Alexandra Brooking Parker

    Harry James Potter was born on July 31, 1980.

  • DJ

    I just wanted to mention that Dorea and Charlus Potter could not have been Harry’s grandparents, unless they had James at the same time Dorea’s neice Walburga had Sirius, which seems rather implausible…

  • Katie

    Concerning the staement that Harry’s worst memory is the “death of his parrents”: That, currently is not true. When Harry is fighting the dementors in Book 5 he hears thing that Lord Voldemort said to him in the graveyard on the night of his (voldemort’s) return.
    “It may even be painless. I do not know. I have never died” (otp chp2 Duddley Demented)

  • Stacy

    It is very possible that Dorea and Charlus are Harry’s Grandparents. JK Rowling has said that James’ parents were getting old when they had James, which is most likely why he’s an only child. We know that James and Sirius were the same age, so it is very plausible.

  • John

    I like the theory that Dorea and Charlus Potter are Harry’s grandparents, but, that would make them related to the Black’s by marriage, if so, (not that we know), wouldn’t it have been mentioned that Harry was related to Sirius by marriage, which would make Sirius his second cousin. Also wouldn’t their son be on the list, but, I have a copy of the Black Family Tree, and James’ name is not on the list. Though most of the son’s and daughter’s names are on the list. But, it’s still a posibility.

    Also, how come on the Black Famiy Tree, there are no dates of birth and dates of death for those who have married into the family?

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