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finished QA

Last night I finished entering Quidditch Through the Ages into the Portkey database. That’s the last of the books to be entered, so now the Portkey covers all seven novels and the two Schoolbooks, as well as all the Famous … Continue reading

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Searching for Gwenog

With yesterday’s emphasis on Quidditch, I’ve been muddling about with the Portkey, adding information to the Timeline, and testing out how it all fits together. When I add a date to the Timeline, for example, it’s supposed to appear on … Continue reading

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Unusual Quidditch Matches

Over the years, there have been a number of strange Quidditch matches played, many of them famous for their length or some odd circumstances surrounding them. Since February 22 is the anniversary of one of the strangest Quidditch matches in … Continue reading

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Setting the record straight

Questions have been asked and accusations made which require some kind of response. Specifically, I have been accused of lying in my declaration. This is a very serious charge. I want to make a clear statement of the facts. In … Continue reading

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