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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
1. The Boy Who Lived
Chapter 1 summary      

Chapter 1 - "The Boy Who Lived" - In which we meet the [Dursleys] and learn of the peculiar happenings surrounding the arrival of [Harry Potter] on their doorstep including a conversation between Professors [Dumbledore] and [McGonagall]. We also hear mention of [Madam Pomfrey].

PS: chapter 1, pp. 1-2      

The [Dursleys] are introduced, and we learn about [Petunia]'s relationship with [Lily].

Vernon Dursley's Bizarre Day

PS: chapter 1, p. 2      

The [Dursleys] wake up and [Vernon] kisses [Petunia] goodbye and leaves for work.

PS: chapter 1, pp. 2-3      

On his way to work, [Vernon Dursley] thinks he sees a tabby cat reading the street sign and passes a number of people wearing cloaks, but puts them out of his mind.

PS: chapter 1, pp. 3-4      

Sitting at work with his back to the window, [Vernon Dursley] doesn't notice the [owls] flying around outside but instead has a very good morning.

PS: chapter 1, pp. 4-6      

While outside on his lunch break, [Vernon] overhears people talking about the [Potters] - and then on his way home, he bumps into an old wizard who tells him that [You-Know-Who] is gone and notices the [tabby cat] still sitting in front of his house.

PS: chapter 1, pp. 6-8      

Back at home, [Vernon Dursley] sees funny stories on the news and dares to ask [Petunia] about her sister, [Lily]. He realizes that the whisper he heard was probably about [Petunia]'s family, but he falls asleep thinking that whatever has happened couldn't affect him.

Harry Potter is left on the Dursley's doorstep

PS: chapter 1, pp. 8-9      

[Albus Dumbledore] appears on [Privet Drive] and puts out all of the streetlights.

PS: chapter 1, pp. 9-14      

The tabby cat transforms into [Minerva McGonagall], who promptly questions [Dumbledore] about the events of the day. We learn that [Voldemort] is gone, [James and Lily Potter] are dead, and [Hagrid] is bringing the now-famous baby [Harry] to come live with the [Dursleys].

PS: chapter 1, pp. 14-16      

[Hagrid] arrives with [Harry], and [Dumbledore] leaves him on the [Dursleys]' doorstep with a note for [Petunia] before he, [McGonagall], and [Hagrid] depart.

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