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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Flying Lesson

PS: chapter 9, pp. 151-152      

[McGonagall] expells [Peeves] from an empty classroom and then, to [Harry]'s utter shock, suggests to [Oliver Wood] that [Harry] be the new [Seeker] for the [Gryffindor Quidditch team].

PS: chapter 9, pp. 152-153      

[Harry] sits at dinner celebrating his new position on the [Quidditch team], and [Fred] and [George] come over to tell him they're on the team as well.

Meeting Fluffy

PS: chapter 9, pp. 153-154      

[Malfoy] arrives and challenges [Harry] to a [wizards' duel], which he and [Ron] accept. [Hermione] then comes over and warns them not to participate, but they ignore her.

PS: chapter 9, pp. 154-155      

[Harry] and [Ron] lie awake, dreading the [duel] they've planned with [Malfoy], and then at half-past eleven head down out of their [dormitory].

PS: chapter 9, pp. 155-157      

[Hermione Granger] intercepts [Ron] and [Harry], yelling at them for walking out to [duel] with [Malfoy]. When they get outside the portrait hole, however, they discover [Neville] - and realize that with the [Fat Lady] gone, neither [Neville] nor [Hermione] can get back in. So, all four head off for the [trophy room].

PS: chapter 9, pp. 157-160      

In the [trophy room], [Harry] discovers that [Malfoy] is nowhere to be found, but [Filch] is. The group flees the scene and hides behind a locked door, where [Filch] doesn't find them thanks to some timely help from [Peeves].

PS: chapter 9, pp. 160-162      

[Harry], [Ron], [Hermione], and [Neville] realize they've accidentally locked themselves into the [third-floor corridor] with a three-headed dog, and quickly run back to [Gryffindor Tower], where [Hermione] chews out [Ron] and [Harry] and they all head up to bed - though not before realizing that the dog is guarding something.

10. Halloween

Chapter 10 summary      

Chapter 10 - "Halloween" - In which Harry receives a Nimbus 2000 broom, learns the rules of Quidditch and begins to practice. On Hallowe'en Hermione masters levitation in Charms but the remarks of a jealous Ron send her in tears to the girls' bathroom, where she is trapped with a troll. Harry and Ron run to her rescue and defeat the troll. Hermione tells a lie to keep them out of trouble, and the three become friends.

PS: chapter 10, pp. 163-164      

[Ron] and [Harry], sitting at breakfast, discuss the object being guarded in the [third-floor corridor], though neither [Hermione] nor [Neville] wants to talk about it.

PS: chapter 10, pp. 164-165      

At breakfast [Harry] is pleasantly surprised when a package arrives, with a note from [McGonagall] - a new [Nimbus 2000] [broomstick].

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