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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
PS: chapter 10, p. 165      

[Malfoy], [Crabbe], and [Goyle] stop [Harry] and [Ron] in the [entrance hall], confronting [Harry] about his new broomstick. [Flitwick] arrives and confirms that [Harry] is allowed to have it, leaving [Draco] stunned.

PS: chapter 10, p. 166      

[Hermione] annoyingly confronts [Harry] about his new [broomstick], and he and [Ron] quickly retort and walk away.

PS: chapter 10, p. 166      

After anxiously getting through classes, [Harry] and [Ron] rush up to [Gryffindor Tower] and finally unwrap [Harry]'s new [Nimbus Two Thousand].

PS: chapter 10, pp. 166-170      

[Harry] heads to the [Quidditch pitch] for the first time, where [Oliver Wood] explains the rules of [Quidditch] to him, and they practice catching golf balls.

PS: chapter 10, p. 170      

[Harry] realizes he has been at [Hogwarts] for two months, and that it already feels like home.

Halloween and the Troll

PS: chapter 10, pp. 170-171      

On Halloween morning in [Charms] class, [Hermione] greatly annoys [Ron] by correcting his pronunciation and then correctly performing the [Wingardium Leviosa] spell.

PS: chapter 10, p. 172      

On the way out of [Charms] class, [Hermione] overhears [Ron] insulting her, and goes off to hide crying in the bathrooms for the rest of the day.

PS: chapter 10, pp. 172-173      

The Halloween feast begins but shortly, [Professor Quirrell] bursts in to announce that a [troll] has gotten into the [dungeons] - and the students are quickly sent back to their doritories.

PS: chapter 10, pp. 173-174      

[Harry] and [Ron] quickly ditch their classmates to go find [Hermione] and warn her about the [troll]. On the way they notice [Snape] running off to the third floor, but are quickly distracted by the [troll], which they lock in a bathroom.

PS: chapter 10, pp. 174-177      

Hearing a scream, [Harry] and [Ron] realize they have locked the [troll] in the girls' bathroom with [Hermione] - and rush in to fight it. [Harry] sticks his [wand] up its nose and [Ron] drops its club on its head, knocking it out and saving the terrified [Hermione].

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