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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
PS: chapter 10, p. 165      

Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle stop Harry and Ron in the [entrance hall], confronting Harry about his new broomstick. Flitwick arrives and confirms that Harry is allowed to have it, leaving Draco stunned.

PS: chapter 10, p. 166      

Hermione annoyingly confronts Harry about his new [broomstick], and he and Ron quickly retort and walk away.

PS: chapter 10, p. 166      

After anxiously getting through classes, Harry and Ron rush up to Gryffindor Tower and finally unwrap Harry's new [Nimbus Two Thousand].

PS: chapter 10, pp. 166-170      

Harry heads to the [Quidditch pitch] for the first time, where [Oliver Wood] explains the rules of [Quidditch] to him, and they practice catching golf balls.

PS: chapter 10, p. 170      

Harry realizes he has been at Hogwarts for two months, and that it already feels like home.

Halloween and the Troll

PS: chapter 10, pp. 170-171      

On Halloween morning in Charms class, Hermione greatly annoys Ron by correcting his pronunciation and then correctly performing the [Wingardium Leviosa] spell.

PS: chapter 10, p. 172      

On the way out of Charms class, Hermione overhears Ron insulting her, and goes off to hide crying in the bathrooms for the rest of the day.

PS: chapter 10, pp. 172-173      

The Halloween feast begins but shortly, Professor Quirrell bursts in to announce that a troll has gotten into the dungeons - and the students are quickly sent back to their doritories.

PS: chapter 10, pp. 173-174      

Harry and Ron quickly ditch their classmates to go find Hermione and warn her about the troll. On the way they notice Snape running off to the third floor, but are quickly distracted by the troll, which they lock in a bathroom.

PS: chapter 10, pp. 174-177      

Hearing a scream, Harry and Ron realize they have locked the troll in the girls' bathroom with Hermione - and rush in to fight it. Harry sticks his wand up its nose and Ron drops its club on its head, knocking it out and saving the terrified Hermione.

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