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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

An Eventful Christmas

PS: chapter 12, pp. 211-212      

After visiting twice [Harry] is unable to think of anything but the [Mirror of Erised]. [Ron] tries to talk him out of visiting again but [Harry] is resolved to return.

PS: chapter 12, pp. 212-214      

Returning to the [Mirror of Erised] for a third night, [Harry] runs into [Albus Dumbledore]. They discuss the mirror, and [Dumbledore] convinces [Harry] not to go looking for it again.

13. Nicolas Flamel

Chapter 13 summary      

Chapter 13 - "Nicolas Flamel" - In which Harry learns that Snape will referee the next Quidditch match, Flamel is found, Gryffindor wins over Hufflepuff when Harry grabs the snitch after only five minutes. Harry follows Snape into the Forbidden Forest where he meets Quirrell and they speak of the Philosopher's Stone.

An Eventful Christmas

PS: chapter 13, p. 215      

[Harry] tells [Ron] about his conversation with [Dumbledore], and also about the new nightmares he's started having.

PS: chapter 13, pp. 215-216      

Christmas break ends, with [Hermione] disappointed that [Harry] and [Ron] had not learned anything about [Nicholas Flamel] and [Oliver Wood] intensifying training sessions for the [Quidditch] team.

Finding Out About Flamel

PS: chapter 13, pp. 216-217      

[Harry] learns that [Snape] will be officiating his next [Quidditch] match and the team is nearly sent into a panic; [Hermione] and [Ron] even suggest that [Harry] try to skip out of the match.

PS: chapter 13, pp. 217-218      

The door to the [common room] opens and [Neville] stumbles in with his legs locked together thanks to [Malfoy]. [Hermione] performs the counterspell, though, and [Harry] offers him his last [Chocolate Frog].

PS: chapter 13, pp. 218-220      

Looking at [Dumbledore]'s [Chocolate Frog card], [Harry] realizes where he'd read about [Nicholas Flamel]. A little quick research by [Hermione] confirms that [Flamel] made the [Philosopher's Stone], and they realize that this is what [Fluffy] is guarding.

A Dangerous Quidditch Match

PS: chapter 13, pp. 220-221      

[Harry] decides during [Defence Against the Dark Arts] class that he's going to play in the upcoming [Quidditch] match, even with [Snape] refereeing.

PS: chapter 13, p. 221      

With the [Quidditch] match rapidly approaching, [Harry] becomes more nervous and [Snape] seems to follow him around the castle.

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