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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Hagrid's Dragon

PS: chapter 14, pp. 236-238      

More time passes, and [Norbert] bites [Ron] on the hand. The trio hears from [Charlie] though, and [Harry] and [Hermione] plot to take [Norbert] to the [Astronomy Tower] at night to give him to [Charlie]'s friends.

PS: chapter 14, pp. 238-239      

[Ron]'s hand swells up, sending him to the [hospital wing], where [Malfoy] visits to taunt him about the [dragon]. Then when [Harry] and [Hermione] visit, [Ron] realizes the note from [Charlie] - with details about how they were to get rid of [Norbert] - was in the book he gave [Malfoy].

PS: chapter 14, p. 239      

[Harry] and [Hermione] try to visit [Hagrid], but as [Norbert] is getting violent, he can't let them into his [hut]. They do, however, tell him of the plan for [Charlie]'s friends to pick the [dragon] up.

PS: chapter 14, pp. 239-241      

[Harry] and [Hermione] deliver [Norbert] to [Charlie]'s friends at midnight, with the help of Harry's [Invisibility Cloak]. They overhear [McGonagall] catching [Malfoy] trying to turn them in, but their happiness is soon stifled when they forget the [Invisibility Cloak] themselves and are caught by [Filch].

15. The Forbidden Forest

Chapter 15 summary      

Chapter 15 - "The Forbidden Forest" - In which Harry's popularity slips when his escapades lose his house 150 points, he overhears another conversation, and they serve detention with Hagrid who takes them to the Forbidden Forest in search of a wounded unicorn, which they find dead. Harry is rescued from Voldemort by a centaur.

Hagrid's Dragon

PS: chapter 15, pp. 242-244      

An irate [Professor McGonagall] hands down huge punishments to [Harry] and [Hermione], as well as to [Neville], who had been trying to warn them.

Outcasts at Hogwarts

PS: chapter 15, pp. 244-246      

With 150 [points] gone from [Gryffindor], [Harry], and to a lesser extent [Neville] and [Hermione], become the enemies of the school. [Harry] even offers to resign from the [Quidditch] team, as his teammates won't call him by name. The trio resigns to immersing themselves in studying for finals.

PS: chapter 15, p. 246      

[Harry] overhears [Quirrell] talking with someone he thinks is [Snape], and giving in. He rushes off to the [library] to alert [Ron] and [Hermione].

PS: chapter 15, pp. 246-247      

[Harry] tells [Ron] and [Hermione] about overhearing [Quirrell] giving in, though as they're unwilling to get into more trouble, they resign themselves to being unable to do anything.

Detention in the Forbidden Forest

PS: chapter 15, pp. 247-248      

[Harry], [Neville], and [Hermione] get a note from [McGonagall] announcing their upcoming [detentions].

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