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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Detention in the Forbidden Forest

PS: chapter 15, pp. 248-249      

[Filch] takes [Harry], [Hermione], [Neville], and [Malfoy] down to [Hagrid's hut] to serve their [detentions] in the [Forbidden Forest], lecturing them as they go.

PS: chapter 15, pp. 249-251      

[Hagrid] leads [Harry], [Hermione], [Neville], and [Malfoy] to search for the killer of a [unicorn] in the [Forbidden Forest]. He splits them into groups and sends [Neville] and [Malfoy] off with [Fang].

PS: chapter 15, pp. 251-254      

Walking through the [Forbidden Forest] in search of a [unicorn], [Harry], [Hermione], and [Hagrid] encounter the [centaurs] [Ronan] and [Bane], who are rather unhelpful.

PS: chapter 15, pp. 254-255      

As [Hagrid], [Harry] and [Hermione] leave the [centaurs], [Hagrid] spots [wand sparks] from [Draco] and [Neville] and runs off after them, leaving [Harry] and [Hermione] concerned behind him.

PS: chapter 15, p. 255      

[Hagrid] returns upset with [Malfoy] and [Neville], and sends [Harry] off with [Malfoy] and [Fang] instead.

PS: chapter 15, pp. 255-256      

[Harry] and [Malfoy] find the dead [unicorn], and see something drinking its blood that makes Harry's [scar] burn. [Malfoy] runs and a [centaur] shows up to chase off the mysterious cloaked figure.

PS: chapter 15, pp. 256-259      

[Firenze] invites [Harry] to ride him to safety, infuriating [Bane]. He takes him to [Hagrid], however, explaining [unicorns] and [unicorn blood] - and [Voldemort]'s desire for the [Philospher's Stone] - to [Harry] along the way.

PS: chapter 15, pp. 259-261      

Back in [Gryffindor Tower], [Harry] realizes the urgency of stopping [Voldemort] and explains the situation to [Ron] and [Hermione]. He then goes to bed, unexpectedly finding his [Invisibility Cloak] back in his bed.

16. Through the Trapdoor
Chapter 16 summary      

Chapter 16 - "Through the Trapdoor" - In which the students begin their exams, Hagrid lets slip how to control Fluffy, HRH try to warn Dumbledore but he has been summoned away. Fearful that Snape is about to make his move to get the Philosopher's Stone, HRH decide to go after it themselves. Under Harry's invisibility cloak they make their way to Fluffy, put him to sleep, and go through the trapdoor, past plants, chessmen, and potions.

Exams and Other Worries

PS: chapter 16, pp. 262-263      

The first years get through their exams, and though [Harry] still thinks constantly about [Voldemort], [Ron] and [Hermione] grow less worried over time.

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