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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Exams and Other Worries

PS: chapter 16, pp. 263-265      

Hermione tries to discuss her History of Magic exam with Ron, and Harry wonders about the twinges in his [scar]. Suddenly, though, he realizes that in order to get his dragon egg, Hagrid must have told the stranger about Fluffy.

PS: chapter 16, pp. 265-266      

Harry confronts Hagrid about how he got his dragon egg, and Hagrid unwittingly tells them the same thing he told the stranger who gave him the egg: how to get past Fluffy. The trio then bolts for the castle.

PS: chapter 16, pp. 266-268      

Trying to find [Professor Dumbledore], Harry, Ron, and Hermione instead learn he is gone and confront Professor McGonagall about the Philosopher's Stone. She, however, is unconcerned and sends them back outside.

PS: chapter 16, pp. 268-270      

Harry, Ron, and Hermione resolve to guard the [third-floor corridor] and Snape for themselves, but Hermione's attempt to guard the staff room is thwarted by Snape and Ron and Harry are caught outside the [third-floor corridor] by an angered McGonagall.

Going After the Stone

PS: chapter 16, pp. 270-271      

Realizing that the enemy will be going after the Philosopher's Stone that night, Harry resolves to go after it himself, and Hermione and Ron resolve to go with him.

PS: chapter 16, pp. 271-273      

Getting ready to run after the Philosopher's Stone, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are stopped by Neville, and Hermione reluctantly performs [Petrificus Totalus] to get him out of their way.

PS: chapter 16, pp. 274-275      

The trio quietly walks to the [third-floor corridor], thwarting Peeves on the way, and find it already opened.

PS: chapter 16, pp. 275-277      

Harry and then Hermione play the [flute] to put Fluffy to sleep, and they and Ron drop through the trap door at the dog's feet.

PS: chapter 16, pp. 277-278      

Caught in [Devil's Snare], Ron starts to panic, Hermione realizes she needs a fire, and Harry and Ron remind her she can produce one. She lights a flame and the plant recoils, dropping them all to safety.

PS: chapter 16, pp. 278-281      

Harry leads Hermione and Ron into a room with three brooms and hundreds of [flying keys]. Together they corner and capture the correct key and use it to get through the next door.

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