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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter is left on the Dursley's doorstep

PS: chapter 1, p. 17      

Harry, left alone on the doorstep of [number four, Privet Drive], falls asleep - knowing nothing of his fame, nor of the horrible life he was about to live.

2. The Vanishing Glass

Chapter 2 summary      

Chapter 2 - "The Vanishing Glass" - In which is related the sad circumstances under which Harry has lived for the past ten years and of a trip to the zoo that goes awry.

PS: chapter 2, p. 18      

With Harry and [Dudley] now about to turn eleven, the [Dursleys] house looks exactly the same and shows no evidence that Harry lives there.

Dudley's Birthday Trip to the Zoo

PS: chapter 2, pp. 19-20      

Harry Potter wakes up in the [cupboard under the stairs] and is reminded by [Aunt Petunia] that today is [Dudley]'s birthday.

PS: chapter 2, p. 20      

We learn more about Harry's clothes, his glasses, and his [scar].

PS: chapter 2, pp. 20-23      

In the [Dursleys' kitchen], Harry cooks breakfast while [Dudley] gets upset over having fewer birthday presents than last year. They also learn that Mrs. Figg can't watch Harry, which makes [Dudley] cry.

PS: chapter 2, pp. 23-24      

[Dudley]'s friend [Piers] arrives, and the [Dursleys] head off for the zoo, accompanied by Harry and [Piers] - but not before [Uncle Vernon] warns Harry against any "funny business."

PS: chapter 2, pp. 24-25      

Harry thinks back to all the funny things that have happened to him that have gotten him in trouble: his hair growing overnight, an ugly sweater shrinking as he tried to put it on, and jumping onto the roof of the school kitchens.

PS: chapter 2, pp. 25-26      

While riding to the zoo, Harry mentions his [dream] of a flying motorcycle, upsetting [Uncle Vernon].

PS: chapter 2, p. 26      

Harry enjoys his day at the zoo immensely - he gets two ice creams and avoids being beaten up by [Dudley] and [Piers].

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