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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Dudley's Birthday Trip to the Zoo

PS: chapter 2, pp. 26-29      

In the reptile house at the [zoo], [Harry] begins talking to a [snake]. Then, when [Piers] and [Dudley] notice and shove him out of the way, the glass on the cage vanishes and [Dudley] falls in as the [snake] escapes.

PS: chapter 2, pp. 29-30      

Lying miserably in his [cupboard], [Harry] thinks back about his ten miserable years with the [Dursleys], the flash of green light he remembers from his parents' death, and the dreams he's had of being taken away.

3. The Letters from No One
Chapter 3 summary      

Chapter 3 - "The Letters from No One" - In which Dudley gets his new uniform and a letter arrives for Harry which Uncle Vernon destroys, prompting a veritable deluge of letters over the next few days. Uncle Vernon then attempts to outrun the delivery of the letters and eventually takes his family to an abandoned hut on an island in the ocean.

PS: chapter 3, pp. 31-32      

After his punishment in the [cupboard under the stairs] is over, [Harry] spends his days avoiding [Dudley]'s gang and thinking about starting secondary school in the fall.

PS: chapter 3, p. 32      

[Dudley] gets his new [Smeltings] uniform and parades it around the house - with [Harry] struggling not to laugh.

Strange Letters Arrive for Harry

PS: chapter 3, pp. 33-34      

The morning after [Dudley] gets his new school uniforms, [Harry] discovers that [Aunt Petunia] is dying some old clothes to make [Harry]'s. Then, when the mail comes, [Harry] leaves the room to get it - and discovers that a letter has arrived for him.

PS: chapter 3, pp. 34-36      

The [Dursleys] notice [Harry] reading his letter and take it away - and then proceed to kick him and [Dudley] out of the room, worried about [Harry] discovering its contents.

PS: chapter 3, pp. 36-38      

[Uncle Vernon] visits [Harry] in his [cupboard] to let him know that they are moving him to the [smallest bedroom] instead, but refuses to give [Harry] his letter.

PS: chapter 3, pp. 38-39      

The mail arrives during breakfast, and [Dudley] discovers a second letter for [Harry]. Harry realizes more will be coming and hatches a plan to get them.

PS: chapter 3, pp. 39-40      

[Harry] tries to sneak down to the mailbox in the morning but is caught by [Uncle Vernon]. Then, when letters arrive for the third straight day, [Vernon] boards up the mailbox.

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