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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Meets Hagrid

PS: chapter 4, pp. 58-60      

[Uncle Vernon] stands up to [Hagrid], with disastrous results as [Hagrid] gives [Dudley] a pig tail and the [Dursleys] flee the room for good. [Hagrid] briefly mentions to [Harry] that he wasn't supposed to do magic, and they head to bed.

5. Diagon Alley

Chapter 5 summary      

Chapter 5 - "Diagon Alley" - In which Hagrid takes Harry to Diagon Alley in London to retrieve his inheritance and buy his school supplies including a wand and Hedwig, a snowy owl. At the same time Hagrid gets a secret package from Gringotts vault, Harry meets Draco Malfoy and Hagrid gives Harry his tickets for the Hogwarts Express.

Harry Meets Hagrid

PS: chapter 5, pp. 61-64      

[Harry] awakes, almost unable to believe that [Hagrid] is still there, and they prepare to leave the [hut-on-the-rock]. [Harry] pays the [post owl] for delivering the [Daily Prophet], [Hagrid] informs him that his parents left money for him at [Gringotts], and they walk outside to take the boat back to the mainland.

A Visit to Diagon Alley

PS: chapter 5, pp. 64-65      

Riding the boat back to land, [Harry] questions [Hagrid] about the [Ministry of Magic] and [Hagrid] expresses his desire for a [dragon].

PS: chapter 5, pp. 65-68      

[Harry] and [Hagrid] make their way to the [Leaky Cauldron], as [Harry] reads his supply list from [Hogwarts] and they walk through the crowded [London] streets.

PS: chapter 5, pp. 68-70      

When he enters the [Leaky Cauldron] for the first time, [Harry] discovers that he is a celebrity in the wizarding world. The whole pub comes up to shake his hand, and [Hagrid] introduces him to [Professor Quirrell] before they head out the back door toward [Diagon Alley].

PS: chapter 5, pp. 70-73      

[Hagrid] taps the brick wall in the [alley behind the Leaky Cauldron] and leads [Harry] through the astonishing sights of [Diagon Alley] and up the steps of [Gringotts Bank].

PS: chapter 5, pp. 73-76      

[Griphook] takes [Harry] and [Hagrid] to their respective vaults in [Gringotts], where [Harry] picks up his money and [Hagrid] a grubby-looking package. [Hagrid] has difficulty on the [Gringotts] carts though, starting to feel sick on the way back.

PS: chapter 5, pp. 76-78      

Stepping out into the sun, [Hagrid] leaves [Harry] for a moment and [Harry] heads into [Madam Malkin's]. There he meets [Draco Malfoy], who reminds him of [Dudley] in bragging about his [Quidditch] skills and putting down [Hagrid].

PS: chapter 5, pp. 79-80      

Eating the ice cream that [Hagrid] bought him, [Harry] asks about the [Hogwarts houses], [Quidditch], and the importance of [blood status] in the wizarding world.

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