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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

A Visit to Diagon Alley

PS: chapter 5, pp. 80-81      

[Harry] continues his shopping, staring at all the new sites as he moves through [Flourish and Blotts] and the [Apothecary] and [Hagrid] buys him an [owl] at [Eeylops Owl Emporium].

PS: chapter 5, pp. 81-85      

With only one stop left in [Diagon Alley], [Harry] heads to [Ollivanders] for his [wand], where after many attempts he finds a wand - and learns it is the sister wand to [Voldemort]'s.

PS: chapter 5, pp. 85-87      

At the end of a long day, [Harry] and [Hagrid] head back to [Paddington Station], where [Harry] confides in [Hagrid] his nervousness about being singled out.

6. The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-quarters

Chapter 6 summary      

Chapter 6 - "The Journey From Platform Nine and Three-Quarters" - In which Uncle Vernon takes Harry to King's Cross station and leaves him there. Harry meets the Weasleys who help him get to Platform Nine and Three Quarters and settled on the train. Here he gets to know Ron and meets Hermione as the train rumbles to Hogwarts. They are met by Hagrid and the First Years are taken by boat to the castle.

PS: chapter 6, pp. 88-89      

As August goes by, [Harry] ticks off the days on his calendar and the [Dursleys] ignore him completely.

PS: chapter 6, pp. 89-90      

The night before his first day at [Hogwarts], [Harry] asks [Uncle Vernon] about taking him to [London]. [Vernon] agrees only because [Dudley] needs to go to a [private hospital] anyway to have his tail removed.

Harry's First Journey on the Hogwarts Express

PS: chapter 6, pp. 90-93      

The [Dursleys] drop [Harry] off at [Kings Cross Station] and drive off laughing when he can't find [platform nine and three-quarters]. Fortunately, just before eleven o'clock, he is saved when he overhears [Molly Weasley] talking about Muggles, and she helps him get through the wall and onto the platform.

PS: chapter 6, pp. 93-94      

Coming out onto [platform nine and three-quarters], [Harry] watches other students walking by on the platform and finally gets onto the train himself, with help from [Fred and George], who lift his trunk on for him.

PS: chapter 6, pp. 95-98      

[Harry] sits alone in a compartment on the [Hogwarts Express] and watches out the window as the [Weasleys] talk about him, the twins make fun of [Ron] and [Percy], and [Ginny] cries and runs alongside the train as it pulls out of the station.

PS: chapter 6, pp. 98-104      

[Ron] arrives and asks to sit in [Harry]'s train compartment, and [Fred] and [George] introduce him to [Harry]. [Harry] and [Ron] then enjoy sitting and talking together, discussing [Harry's scar], the [Weasleys], speaking [Voldemort]'s name, and [Scabbers]. [Harry] then buys a load of candy and learns about [Chocolate Frog cards].

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