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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry's First Journey on the Hogwarts Express

PS: chapter 6, pp. 104-106      

Harry and Ron are visited by Neville, who is looking for his toad, and Hermione. They watch Ron try to turn Scabbers yellow, Hermione tells Harry about all of the books he's in, and she and Neville walk off.

PS: chapter 6, pp. 106-108      

Alone in their compartment once more, Harry and Ron continue their conversation, discussing Hogwarts houses, Charlie and Bill, and [Quidditch].

PS: chapter 6, pp. 108-109      

Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle show up and almost instantly begin bullying Harry and Ron. When they reach for some candy, though, Scabbers bites Goyle on the finger and they leave.

PS: chapter 6, pp. 109-110      

Hermione returns as Ron and Harry discuss Malfoy, managing to irritate them again before walking off.

PS: chapter 6, pp. 110-112      

The Hogwarts Express arrives at Hogwarts and Hagrid herds the first years into boats, which they ride to the castle before walking up the steps

7. The Sorting Hat

Chapter 7 summary      

Chapter 7 - "The Sorting Hat" - In which Professor McGonagall tells the first-years a bit about the school and they are sorted into houses by the Sorting Hat. Then Dumbledore welcomes them, they have a feast and find their dormitory for their first night at Hogwarts.

The Sorting and the Welcome Feast

PS: chapter 7, pp. 113-114      

Professor McGonagall leads the new first years into the castle, introduces them to the four houses of Hogwarts, and tells them to wait in the [chamber] next to the Great Hall.

PS: chapter 7, pp. 114-116      

Waiting in the small [chamber] for the [Sorting] ceremony to begin, the first years talk about the ceremony and watch as the ghosts come in, discussing Peeves.

PS: chapter 7, pp. 116-117      

Professor McGonagall returns and leads the first years into the Great Hall for the first time.

PS: chapter 7, pp. 117-121      

The Sorting Hat breaks into song, introducing the four [Hogwarts houses], and then begins sorting students as their new houses celebrate.

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