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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry's First Journey on the Hogwarts Express

PS: chapter 6, pp. 104-106      

[Harry] and [Ron] are visited by [Neville], who is looking for his toad, and [Hermione]. They watch [Ron] try to turn [Scabbers] yellow, [Hermione] tells [Harry] about all of the books he's in, and she and [Neville] walk off.

PS: chapter 6, pp. 106-108      

Alone in their compartment once more, [Harry] and [Ron] continue their conversation, discussing [Hogwarts] houses, [Charlie] and [Bill], and [Quidditch].

PS: chapter 6, pp. 108-109      

[Malfoy], [Crabbe], and [Goyle] show up and almost instantly begin bullying [Harry] and [Ron]. When they reach for some candy, though, [Scabbers] bites [Goyle] on the finger and they leave.

PS: chapter 6, pp. 109-110      

[Hermione] returns as [Ron] and [Harry] discuss [Malfoy], managing to irritate them again before walking off.

PS: chapter 6, pp. 110-112      

The [Hogwarts Express] arrives at [Hogwarts] and [Hagrid] herds the first years into boats, which they ride to the castle before walking up the steps

7. The Sorting Hat

Chapter 7 summary      

Chapter 7 - "The Sorting Hat" - In which Professor McGonagall tells the first-years a bit about the school and they are sorted into houses by the Sorting Hat. Then Dumbledore welcomes them, they have a feast and find their dormitory for their first night at Hogwarts.

The Sorting and the Welcome Feast

PS: chapter 7, pp. 113-114      

[Professor McGonagall] leads the new first years into the castle, introduces them to the four [houses] of [Hogwarts], and tells them to wait in the [chamber] next to the [Great Hall].

PS: chapter 7, pp. 114-116      

Waiting in the small [chamber] for the [Sorting] ceremony to begin, the first years talk about the ceremony and watch as the [ghosts] come in, discussing [Peeves].

PS: chapter 7, pp. 116-117      

[Professor McGonagall] returns and leads the first years into the [Great Hall] for the first time.

PS: chapter 7, pp. 117-121      

The [Sorting Hat] breaks into song, introducing the four [Hogwarts houses], and then begins sorting students as their new houses celebrate.

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