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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

The Sorting and the Welcome Feast

PS: chapter 7, pp. 121-122      

[Harry Potter]'s name is called to be sorted, leading the whole [Great Hall] to break out in whispers. The [Sorting Hat] decides, after [Harry] asks not to be placed in [Slytherin], to put him in [Gryffindor], leading to the biggest cheer yet.

PS: chapter 7, pp. 122-123      

The [Sorting] ceremony winds down and [Dumbledore] says "a few words" before officially beginning the feast.

PS: chapter 7, pp. 123-126      

The welcoming feast begins, and while [Harry] digs in he meets [Nearly Headless Nick], hears about [Seamus]'s family and [Neville]'s childhood, and notices a twinge in his [scar] when [Snape] glares at him from the head table.

PS: chapter 7, pp. 126-128      

As the feast concludes, [Dumbledore] stands up and makes announcements about banned items, the [Forbidden Forest], and the [third floor corridor], and finally leads the students in the [school song] before sending them off to bed.

PS: chapter 7, pp. 128-130      

[Percy] leads the first years across the school to [Gryffindor Tower], stopping on the way to yell at [Peeves] and give the [password] to the [Fat Lady]. [Harry] and [Ron] then head into their beds in the Gryffindor tower dorm, chatting about the day, and fall asleep.

PS: chapter 7, p. 130      

In his sleep, [Harry] dreams about [Quirrell], [Draco Malfoy], and [Snape] - but doesn't remember anything when he wakes up.

8. The Potions Master
Chapter 8 summary      

Chapter 8 - "The Potions Master - In which [Harry] is pointed out and stared at by everyone in the school as he starts his first week of classes and meets his teachers, visits [Hagrid], and learns about the [Gringotts] break-in.

The Start of Harry's First Year

PS: chapter 8, pp. 131-133      

As classes begin, [Harry] starts learning about [Hogwarts], and particularly about the hazards posed by the moving staircases and secret passageways, as well as the [ghosts], [Peeves], [Mr. Filch], and [Mrs. Norris].

PS: chapter 8, p. 133      

[Harry] gets his first impressions of many of his classes, including [Astronomy], [Herbology], [History of Magic], and [Charms].

PS: chapter 8, pp. 133-134      

In their first [Transfiguration] class, the first years watch [McGonagall] transform her desk into a pig, and then try to transform matches into needles. Nobody is successful except, of course, for [Hermione].

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