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Outline of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

The Sorting and the Welcome Feast

PS: chapter 7, pp. 121-122      

Harry Potter's name is called to be sorted, leading the whole Great Hall to break out in whispers. The Sorting Hat decides, after Harry asks not to be placed in Slytherin, to put him in Gryffindor, leading to the biggest cheer yet.

PS: chapter 7, pp. 122-123      

The [Sorting] ceremony winds down and [Dumbledore] says "a few words" before officially beginning the feast.

PS: chapter 7, pp. 123-126      

The welcoming feast begins, and while Harry digs in he meets Nearly Headless Nick, hears about Seamus's family and Neville's childhood, and notices a twinge in his [scar] when Snape glares at him from the head table.

PS: chapter 7, pp. 126-128      

As the feast concludes, [Dumbledore] stands up and makes announcements about banned items, the Forbidden Forest, and the [third floor corridor], and finally leads the students in the school song before sending them off to bed.

PS: chapter 7, pp. 128-130      

Percy leads the first years across the school to Gryffindor Tower, stopping on the way to yell at Peeves and give the password to the Fat Lady. Harry and Ron then head into their beds in the Gryffindor tower dorm, chatting about the day, and fall asleep.

PS: chapter 7, p. 130      

In his sleep, Harry dreams about Quirrell, Draco Malfoy, and Snape - but doesn't remember anything when he wakes up.

8. The Potions Master
Chapter 8 summary      

Chapter 8 - "The Potions Master - In which Harry is pointed out and stared at by everyone in the school as he starts his first week of classes and meets his teachers, visits Hagrid, and learns about the [Gringotts] break-in.

The Start of Harry's First Year

PS: chapter 8, pp. 131-133      

As classes begin, Harry starts learning about Hogwarts, and particularly about the hazards posed by the moving staircases and secret passageways, as well as the ghosts, Peeves, Mr. Filch, and Mrs. Norris.

PS: chapter 8, p. 133      

Harry gets his first impressions of many of his classes, including Astronomy, Herbology, History of Magic, and Charms.

PS: chapter 8, pp. 133-134      

In their first Transfiguration class, the first years watch McGonagall transform her desk into a pig, and then try to transform matches into needles. Nobody is successful except, of course, for Hermione.

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