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Outline of Famous Wizard Cards
Famous Wizard Card: Paracelsus      

Paracelsus (par-a-SELL-sus)
Dates unknown
Famous wizard, Chocolate Frog trading card number 1 (PS6, CS/g) A bust of Paracelsus stands halfway down the corridor leading from the Gryffindor Common Room to the shortest route to the Owlery (OP14); Probably the same person as Auroleus Phillipus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, known as "Paracelsus," was born in 1493. Alchemical genius.

Ancient Greece

Famous Wizard Card: Andros the Invincible      

Andros the Invincible
Ancient Greece
Alleged to have been the only known wizard to produce a Patronus the size of a giant.

Famous Wizard Card: Circe      

Circe (SEER-see)
Ancient Greece
A famous enchantress of ancient Greece who appears on a Chocolate Frog trading card (PS6), Circe lived on the island of Aeaea and was famous for transfiguring lost sailors into pigs (fw3). Circe figures in the Greek tale of The Odyssey; she turned Odysseus' men into swine. Odysseus, with the help of the god Hermes, avoided the same fate and impressed Circe so much that she fell in love with him.

Famous Wizard Card: Herpo the Foul      

Herpo the Foul
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek Dark wizard who was the first known creator of a basilisk. Herpo was a Parselmouth so he could control the great serpent (FB).

Famous Wizard Card: Mopsus      

Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek soothsayer who vanquished the Seer Calchas in a contest of their powers.

Medieval Era

Famous Wizard Card: [Cliodna]      

[Cliodna] (CLEEV-nah) (also written as Cliodne)
Dates Unknown
Famous Irish druidess, appears on a Chocolate Frog trading card (PS6; fw/6). Cliodna had three magical birds that used song to heal the sick. She was an Animagus who could take the form of a bird (CF). Cliodna discovered the properties of Moondew (fw/6).

Famous Wizard Card: Ethelred the Ever-Ready      

Ethelred the Ever-Ready
Medieval, Dates Unknown
Wizard who is known for being easily offended. He frequently cursed innocent bystanders. Ethelred died in prison (fw7).

Famous Wizard Card: Morgan le Fay      

Morgan le Fay
Bird Animagus
Also known as Morgana, she was King Arthur's half sister. She was a dark sorceress, Merlin's enemy and she affected many events during her time. She was the queen of the island of Avalon, and she had great skill as a healer.

Famous Wizard Card: Gregory the Smarmy      

Gregory the Smarmy
Medieval, Dates Unknown
Gregory was a mediaeval wizard who invented Gregory's Unctuous Unction, a potion that made a person drinking it think whoever gave it to them was their best friend. Gregory appears on Famous Wizard card number 9 (CS/g). There is a secret passage at Hogwarts located behind a statue of Gregory the Smarmy; Fred and George found it during in their first week (PS9).

Famous Wizard Card: Godric Gryffindor      

Godric Gryffindor
Co-Founder of Hogwarts
Medieval, Dates unknown
Gave his name to one of the four Hogwarts houses.

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