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Outline of Famous Wizard Cards

Twentieth Century

Famous Wizard Card: Roderick Plumpton      

Roderick Plumpton
1889 - 1987
Seeker for England's Quidditch team. Holds British record for fastest capture of Golden Snitch during game: three and a half seconds.

Famous Wizard Card: Cassandra Vablatsky      

Cassandra Vablatsky
1894 - 1997
Celebrated Seer and author of Unfogging the Future.

Famous Wizard Card: Newt Scamander      

Newt Scamander
1897 - present
Celebrated author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. He is currently studying fire slugs in the Brazilian rainforest.

Famous Wizard Card: Adalbert Waffling      

Adalbert Waffling
1899 - 1981
Famous magical theoretician. This famous thinker wrote all about magic. Every modern witch and wizard has learned from his writings.

Famous Wizard Card: Perpetua Fancourt      

Perpetua Fancourt
1900 - 1991
Witch who invented the Lunascope.

Famous Wizard Card: Roland Kegg      

Roland Kegg
1903 - present
President of English Gobstones team.

Famous Wizard Card:      

Tilly Toke
Recipient of the [Order of Merlin] First Class as a result of the [Ilfracombe] [dragon] attack of 1932. An errant Welsh Green dragon attacked a beach full of sunbathers. Tilly and her family were credited with saving [Muggle] lives as well as wiping their memory afterwards. One Muggle, however, known as "Dodgy Dirk," is known to tell tales of a "dirty great flying lizard" that attacked him way back when. His story is not believed by other Muggles.

Famous Wizard Card: Tilly Toke      

Tilly Toke
1903 - 1991
Gained Order of Merlin, First Class, for saving Muggle lives during the Ilfracombe Incident of 1932, when a dragon swooped down on a beach full of sunbathers.

Twentieth Century

Famous Wizard Card: Joscelind Wadcock      

Joscelind Wadcock
1911 - present
Chaser for Puddlemere United Quidditch team.

Famous Wizard Card: Derwent Shimpling      

Derwent Shimpling
1912 - present
Ate an entire Venomous Tentacula for a bet and survived, though still purple. Wizards and witches everywhere love his silly sense of humor and his boldness.

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