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Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q. 16      

Why did Marcus Flint do an extra year at Hogwarts?
Either I made a mistake or he failed his exams and repeated a year. I think I prefer Marcus making the mistake.

F.A.Q. 120      

What are the properties of Draco’s wand? Can we assume that its wood is hawthorn, as per the chart on your site?
Interestingly (to me) I decided that Draco had a hawthorn wand independently of the chart. So yes, it is hawthorn, and by a bizarre coincidence I assigned him that wood, as I assigned Harry holly, without realising it was the ‘right’ one. Spooky... but for various reasons hawthorn seems to suit Draco as holly suits Harry.


Birthday Announcement, January 9      

Happy Birthday [Severus Snape]

Birthday Announcement, February 6      

Happy Birthday [Arthur Weasley]

Birthday Announcement, March 1      

Happy Birthday [Ron Weasley]

Birthday Announcement, March 10      

Happy Birthday [Remus Lupin]

Birthday Announcement, April 1      

Happy Birthday [Fred and George Weasley]

Birthday Announcement, May 15      

Happy Birthday [Pomona Sprout]

Birthday Announcement, June 5      

Happy Birthday [Draco Malfoy]

Birthday Announcement, June 28      

Happy Birthday [Dobby]

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