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Birthday Announcement, December 12      

Happy Birthday [Charlie Weasley]

Wizards of the Month

Wizard of the Month, May 2004      

[Felix Summerbee]
(1447 1508) Inventor of Cheering Charms

Wizard of the Month, June 2004      

[Gwenog Jones]
(1968 present) Captain and Beater of only all-female national Quidditch team, the Holyhead Harpies

Wizard of the Month, July 2004      

[Donaghan Tremlett]
(1972 present) Bass player with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters.

Wizard of the Month, August 2004      

[Honoria Nutcombe]
(1665 1743) Founded The Society for the Reformation of Hags

Wizard of the Month, May 2005      

[Felix Summerbee]
(1447 1508) Inventor of Cheering Charms

Wizard of the Month, June 2007      

[Salazar Slytherin]
Medieval (precise dates unknown) One of the four celebrated Founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Salazar Slytherin was one of the first recorded Parselmouths, an accomplished Legilimens, and a notorious champion of pureblood supremacy.

Wizard of the Month, October 2007      

[Harry Potter]
(1980 present) The Boy Who Lived, only known survivor of the [Avada Kedavra] curse and conqueror of Lord [Voldemort], also known as [Tom Riddle]. Harry Potter joined the reshuffled [Auror] Department under [Kingsley Shacklebolt] at age 17, rising to become Head of said department in 2007.

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