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Outline of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
1. The Worst Birthday
Chapter 1 summary      

Chapter 1 - "The Worst Birthday" - In which we are reminded of the happenings during Harry's first year at Hogwarts, Uncle Vernon has a very important dinner guest coming, dinner plans are made, and Harry's birthday is forgotten again.

The Dinner Party and a Birthday Visitor

CS: chapter 1, pp. 1-3      

At breakfast, [Uncle Vernon] yells at [Harry] about [Hedwig] making noise, and the whole family goes crazy when [Harry] uses the word 'magic' in conversation.

CS: chapter 1, pp. 3-5      

[Harry] thinks back to everything that happened in his first year at [Hogwarts], and we learn the story of his life.

CS: chapter 1, pp. 5-7      

[Uncle Vernon] reminds the family of the upcoming visit by the [Masons], making sure [Harry] knows to stay hidden in his bedroom.

Harry Meets Dobby

CS: chapter 1, pp. 7-8      

Sent outside by [Aunt Petunia], [Harry] plops down on a bench in the garden and thinks about how his friends have not contacted him all summer.

CS: chapter 1, pp. 8-9      

[Harry] notices two eyes staring at him out of a bush, and then, confronted by [Dudley], pretends he's setting it on fire and sends [Dudley] screaming back into the house.

CS: chapter 1, pp. 9-11      

[Harry] gets in trouble for faking magic in front of [Dudley], and the [Dursleys] shuffle him around the house, finally forcing him upstairs as the [Masons] arrive. Once in his bedroom, however, [Harry] discovers someone is sitting in his bed.

2. Dobby's Warning

Chapter 2 summary      

Chapter 2 - "Dobby's Warning" - In which Dobby, a house-elf, arrives in Harry's room to warn him not to return to Hogwarts, the Dursleys' dinner party is ruined by Dobby's antics, and Harry is locked securely in his room.

Harry Meets Dobby

CS: chapter 2, pp. 12-19      

With the [Masons] downstairs, [Dobby] talks with [Harry], marveling at his triumph over [Voldemort] and warning him not to return to [Hogwarts], but stopping every time he does something bad to loudly punish himself. He also admits he's been stopping [Harry]'s letters, but when [Harry] refuses to promise he'll stay home [Dobby] runs out of the room.

CS: chapter 2, pp. 17-18      

In the middle of [Harry]'s conversation with [Dobby], [Uncle Vernon] overhears and comes charging up, with [Harry] quickly stuffing the [house-elf] in a closet. [Vernon] threatens [Harry] and returns back downstairs.

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