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Outline of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Confronts his Doubts

CS: chapter 12, pp. 205-207      

[Harry] stands in [Dumbledore's office] for the first time, marvelling at everything he sees. He finds the [Sorting Hat] and puts it on to ask whether he was meant to be in [Slytherin], and it confirms he'd have done well there, making him upset. He slams it back just in time to see [Fawkes], who bursts into flame on the spot.

CS: chapter 12, pp. 207-209      

[Dumbledore] arrives and reassures [Harry] that [Fawkes] was supposed to burst into flame. [Hagrid] bursts in to vouch for [Harry], which [Dumbledore] says he does not need, but he does ask [Harry] whether he has anything he wants to say. Though much passes through his mind, he says nothing and departs.

CS: chapter 12, pp. 209-210      

Time passes, and nearly everyone signs up to go home for Christmas. Meanwhile [Fred] and [George] joke about [Harry] being the [heir of Slytherin] making [Ginny] upset. [Malfoy] also seems upset at all the attention the events are getting [Harry].

Christmas Break

CS: chapter 12, pp. 210-211      

As Christmas break begins, [Harry], [Hermione], and the [Weasleys] are the only ones left in [Gryffindor Tower], though [Percy[ says it's only so he can "support the teachers."

CS: chapter 12, pp. 211-212      

Christmas morning dawns, and [Hermione] arrives to open presents with [Harry] and [Ron].

CS: chapter 12, pp. 212-213      

Everyone enjoys Christmas dinner in a beautifully decorated [Great Hall], despite the impending taking of [Polyjuice Potion] and [Malfoy]'s snide remarks.

CS: chapter 12, pp. 213-214      

After Christmas dinner, [Hermione] tells [Harry] and [Ron] the plan for using the [Polyjuice Potion], though both are nervous that something will go wrong.

The Polyjuice Potion Adventure

CS: chapter 12, pp. 214-218      

[Harry] and [Ron] successfully knock out [Crabbe] and [Goyle] and run to [Moaning Myrtle's bathroom] to finish the [Polyjuice Potion]. The trio drinks it and transforms, but [Hermione] tells [Harry] and [Ron] to go ahead while she stays behind.

CS: chapter 12, pp. 218-221      

[Harry] and [Ron] somehow manage to find the [Slytherin common room] and get in with [Malfoy], despite run-ins with [Percy] and [Penelope Clearwater] along the way.

CS: chapter 12, pp. 221-225      

In the [Slytherin common room], [Malfoy] shows off an article about [Arthur Weasley] getting in trouble and admits he doesn't know who the [heir of Slytherin] is. When the [Polyjuice Potion] starts wearing off, though, [Harry] and [Ron] bolt the room.

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