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Outline of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The Polyjuice Potion Adventure

CS: chapter 12, pp. 225-226      

Back in the bathroom, Harry and Ron discover that Hermione accidentally transformed into a cat. Despite Moaning Myrtle's goading, however, they convince her to go to the hospital wing.

13. The Very Secret Diary

Chapter 13 summary      

Chapter 13 - "The Very Secret Diary" - In which Myrtle's toilet floods, Harry finds Tom Riddle's diary which he shows to a now fur-free Hermione, and they begin a search to discover who the owner was. Lockhart stages a Valentine's party complete with dwarfs as cupids. That night Harry learns the secret of the diary, goes back in time, and discovers - or so he believes - that it was Hagrid who last opened the Chamber of Secrets.

CS: chapter 13, pp. 227-228      

As the weeks pass, Hermione stays in the hospital wing with frequent visits from Harry and Ron. There they discuss their inability to learn more about the [heir of Slytherin], and Ron discovers a card from Lockhart under Hermione's pillow.

Harry Finds the Diary

CS: chapter 13, pp. 228-232      

Harry and Ron are leaving the hospital wing when they hear Filch screaming a floor above. They run up to discover a crying Moaning Myrtle, upset because a diary has been thrown at her. Harry picks up the diary despite warnings from Ron, discovers it belongs to [T.M. Riddle], and pockets it.

CS: chapter 13, pp. 232-233      

Hermione gets out of the hospital wing and chats with Harry and Ron about [Riddle's diary]. They realize that Riddle was at school around the time of the Chamber of Secrets' first opening, but can't get it to do anything.

CS: chapter 13, pp. 233-234      

Though unable to explain why, Harry hangs on to [Riddle's diary]. The trio tries to find out more about Riddle, but can't come up with much.

CS: chapter 13, pp. 234-235      

As time passes the students of Hogwarts gradually become more hopeful. Madam Pomfrey is happy that the [Mandrakes] are maturing, and Lockhart thinks he's responsible for stopping the attacks. Peeves, though, is still singing of Harry's guilt, and [Ernie Macmillan] remains suspicious as well.

Valentine's Day and a Conversation With Tom Riddle

CS: chapter 13, pp. 235-237      

Harry walks into the Great Hall and is shocked to find it decorated - by Lockhart, of course - for Valentine's Day. Lockhart announes a variety of festivities for the day, much to the consternation of the other teachers.

CS: chapter 13, pp. 237-239      

As Valentine's Day progresses, [dwarfs] periodically interrupt classs to deliver valentines - but none so memorable as a singing telegram for Harry. In the chaos surrounding it, Harry's bag splits and Malfoy grabs [Riddle's diary] - which, Harry soon notices, was untouched by the ink that spilled over the rest of his books.

CS: chapter 13, pp. 240-242      

Harry goes to bed early in order to try writing in [Riddle's diary] - and soon discovers that Riddle, in the diary, writes back. Riddle tells Harry he knows about the Chamber of Secrets, and offers to show Harry what happened.

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