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Outline of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Valentine's Day and a Conversation With Tom Riddle

CS: chapter 13, pp. 242-248      

[Harry] falls into [Riddle's diary] and watches as [Riddle] asks [Headmaster Dippet] if he can stay at [Hogwarts] for the summer and then avoids [Dumbledore]'s questions in the hall. Then [Riddle] confronts a much younger [Hagrid] about the monster that, [Riddle] says, is responsible for the attacks, and [Harry] falls out of the memory thinking [Hagrid] opened the [Chamber of Secrets].

14. Cornelius Fudge

Chapter 14 summary      

Chapter 14 - "Cornelius Fudge" - In which HRH decide not to confront Hagrid, as time passes and there are no more attacks. Second-year students choose their courses for the next year, Quidditch practice becomes more frequent, Harry returns to his dormitory to find his belongings ransacked and the diary gone. Harry hears the voice again, Hermione runs to the library, and Gryffindor's match with Hufflepuff is cancelled when Hermione and another girl are attacked. Harry and Ron visit Hagrid and overhear a conversation between Dumbledore, Fudge, Hagrid, and Lucius Malfoy. Hagrid is taken away and Dumbledore suspended as the Ministry tries to stop the attacks.

CS: chapter 14, pp. 249-251      

[Ron] and [Hermione] make [Harry] recount his experience in [Riddle]'s memory, but they decide not to confront [Hagrid] about it unless there's another attack.

CS: chapter 14, p. 251      

Time passes with no more attacks, and the school gradually calms down. [Peeves] gives up his song about [Harry], [Ernie] starts talking to [Harry] again, and [Professor Sprout] announces that the [Mandrakes] are well on their way to maturity.

CS: chapter 14, pp. 251-252      

Over Easter holidays, the second years work on choosing their new subjects. [Harry] gets all kinds of advice but decides only to sign up for the same courses as [Ron].

CS: chapter 14, pp. 252-254      

After [Quidditch] practice, [Harry] comes back to find his [dormitory] trashed and [Riddle's diary] gone. He and [Ron] realize that this means a [Gryffindor] must have stolen it.

A Cancelled Quidditch Match and a Double Attack

CS: chapter 14, pp. 254-255      

Heading down to a [Quidditch] match, [Harry] hears the voice again, prompting [Hermione] to rush off to the [library]. He grabs his [broom] anyway and prepares for the match to begin.

CS: chapter 14, pp. 255-256      

Just before the [Quidditch] match can begin, [Professor McGonagall] rushes onto the field to announce that it has been cancelled. She sends the students to their [dormitories] and takes [Harry] and [Ron] with her, rushing back toward the castle.

CS: chapter 14, pp. 256-257      

[Harry] and [Ron] follow [McGonagall] to the [hospital wing], where they find [Hermione] lying on a bed, [Petrified]. Shocked, they let [Professor McGonagall] lead them back to [Gryffindor Tower].

CS: chapter 14, pp. 257-258      

[Professor McGonagall] announces new strict rules to the [Gryffindors], and admits that another attack will mean the closing of the school.

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