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Outline of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Journey to the Chamber of Secrets

CS: chapter 16, pp. 295-296      

Harry and Ron talk about Ginny and head to Lockhart's office to offer their knowledge in helping him out.

CS: chapter 16, pp. 296-299      

Harry and Ron find Lockhart in his office, packing to run away, and he admits all of his stories were lies. When he tries a [Memory Charm], though, Harry [disarms] him and makes him go with them into the Chamber of Secrets.

CS: chapter 16, pp. 299-302      

Arriving in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom with Lockhart in tow, Harry and Ron ask Myrtle. She gets excited and explains the eyes, and more importantly, where she saw them. Harry uses his Parseltongue then to open the Chamber of Secrets, and after sending Lockhart in, he and Ron follow.

CS: chapter 16, pp. 302-304      

Harry leads the way into the Chamber of Secrets, but Lockhart quickly grabs Ron's wand to try another [Memory Charm]. The broken wand backfires, though, trapping Harry farther in the chamber and Ron with a memory-less Lockhart further back, and Harry goes on alone.

CS: chapter 16, pp. 304-305      

Harry nervously makes his way further through the tunnel, finally crossing into the Chamber of Secrets.

17. The Heir of Slytherin

Chapter 17 summary      

Chapter 17 - "The Heir of Slytherin" - In which Harry finds an unconscious Ginny, meets Tom Riddle (who has had Ginny in his power through the diary), and hears his story. Fawkes the phoenix arrives with the Sorting Hat. Riddle (Voldemort) calls the basilisk to kill Harry, but Fawkes intervenes and together they kill the basilisk, and by driving a serpent fang through the diary, get rid of Riddle as well.

Harry Defeats a Snake and a Riddle

CS: chapter 17, pp. 306-317      

Now in the Chamber of Secrets, Harry finds Ginny's body, along with Tom Riddle. Riddle explains his actions and his plans, along with the fact that he is Voldemort. He laughs when Fawkes brings Harry the Sorting Hat, and prepares to call the [basilisk] to destroy Harry.

CS: chapter 17, pp. 318-321      

The [basilisk] arrives and goes for Harry, but Fawkes strikes first, poking out the monster's eyes. Harry, surprised, pulls a sword out of the Sorting Hat and uses it to kill the [basilisk] - though not before the [basilisk] bites his arm, lethally poisoning him.

CS: chapter 17, pp. 321-322      

Fawkes begins to cry and lets his tears fall onto Harry's injured arm, and the [basilisk]'s venom, and the pain, leave him. Left one-on-one with Tom Riddle, Harry jams the [basilisk] fang into the diary, and Riddle is destroyed, awakening Ginny.

Fawkes Lends a Tail

CS: chapter 17, pp. 322-325      

Ginny wakes up and nervously starts stammering to Harry, who reassures her and takes her back to Ron. There he finds Lockhart with his memory gone, and Fawkes flies them all out of the Chamber of Secrets.

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