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Outline of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Meets Dobby

CS: chapter 2, pp. 19-20      

With the [Masons] in the next room, Dobby levitates [Aunt Petunia]'s enormous [pudding] and, when Harry refuses to promise not to return to Hogwarts, Dobby drops the pudding on [Mrs. Mason]'s head and vanishes.

CS: chapter 2, pp. 20-22      

With Dobby gone, Harry is blamed for dropping the [pudding], first by the [Dursleys] and then - thanks to a quick delivery from an owl - by the [Ministry of Magic]. As the [Masons] run from the house, [Uncle Vernon] swears he will lock Harry up - and does, fitting bars on the window.

Flying Car to the Rescue

CS: chapter 2, pp. 22-23      

For three days Harry sits miserably, locked in his bedroom and fed through a cat flap. In the middle of a nightmare, though, he wakes up to find Ron outside his second-floor window.

3. The Burrow

Chapter 3 summary      

Chapter 3 - "The Burrow" - In which Ron, Fred, and George Weasley break Harry out of his room with the car and whisk him away to the [Burrow]. Harry helps de-gnome the garden after Mrs. Weasley speaks her mind.

Flying Car to the Rescue

CS: chapter 3, pp. 24-28      

Sitting in a flying Ford Anglia, Fred, George, and Ron pull the bars off Harry\'s window, sneak his belongings out of the [cupboard under the stairs], and pull Harry and Hedwig into the car just out of reach of [Uncle Vernon], flying off into the night.

CS: chapter 3, pp. 28-32      

Sitting in the [flying car], Harry tells Fred, George, and Ron about Dobby and the speculate as to where he came from. Ron also tells Harry about Mr. Weasley\'s job and fascination with Muggles. Finally, they land in the garden of the [Burrow].

Harry Arrives at the Burrow

CS: chapter 3, pp. 32-33      

Mrs. Weasley storms out of the house and greets Harry but chews out Ron, Fred, and George for taking Mr. Weasley's car.

CS: chapter 3, pp. 33-36      

Harry heads into the kitchen at the [Burrow] with Ron, Fred, and George, where they eat breakfast and Mrs. Weasley tells them she's expecting them to de-gnome the garden. Also Ginny shows up.

CS: chapter 3, pp. 36-38      

Harry joins Ron, Fred, and George in de-gnomeing the [Burrow] garden.

CS: chapter 3, pp. 38-39      

Arthur Weasley returns home, talking about work, when Molly confronts him about his [flying car].

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