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Outline of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Meets Dobby

CS: chapter 2, pp. 19-20      

With the [Masons] in the next room, [Dobby] levitates [Aunt Petunia]'s enormous [pudding] and, when [Harry] refuses to promise not to return to [Hogwarts], [Dobby] drops the pudding on [Mrs. Mason]'s head and vanishes.

CS: chapter 2, pp. 20-22      

With [Dobby] gone, [Harry] is blamed for dropping the [pudding], first by the [Dursleys] and then - thanks to a quick delivery from an [owl] - by the [Ministry of Magic]. As the [Masons] run from the house, [Uncle Vernon] swears he will lock [Harry] up - and does, fitting bars on the window.

Flying Car to the Rescue

CS: chapter 2, pp. 22-23      

For three days [Harry] sits miserably, locked in his bedroom and fed through a cat flap. In the middle of a nightmare, though, he wakes up to find [Ron] outside his second-floor window.

3. The Burrow

Chapter 3 summary      

Chapter 3 - "The Burrow" - In which [Ron], [Fred], and [George Weasley] break [Harry] out of his room with the car and whisk him away to the [Burrow]. Harry helps de-[gnome] the garden after [Mrs. Weasley] speaks her mind.

Flying Car to the Rescue

CS: chapter 3, pp. 24-28      

Sitting in a flying [Ford Anglia], [Fred], [George], and [Ron] pull the bars off [Harry]\'s window, sneak his belongings out of the [cupboard under the stairs], and pull [Harry] and [Hedwig] into the car just out of reach of [Uncle Vernon], flying off into the night.

CS: chapter 3, pp. 28-32      

Sitting in the [flying car], [Harry] tells [Fred], [George], and [Ron] about [Dobby] and the speculate as to where he came from. [Ron] also tells [Harry] about [Mr. Weasley]\'s job and fascination with Muggles. Finally, they land in the garden of the [Burrow].

Harry Arrives at the Burrow

CS: chapter 3, pp. 32-33      

[Mrs. Weasley] storms out of the house and greets [Harry] but chews out [Ron], [Fred], and [George] for taking [Mr. Weasley's car].

CS: chapter 3, pp. 33-36      

[Harry] heads into the kitchen at the [Burrow] with [Ron], [Fred], and [George], where they eat breakfast and [Mrs. Weasley] tells them she's expecting them to de-[gnome] the garden. Also [Ginny] shows up.

CS: chapter 3, pp. 36-38      

[Harry] joins [Ron], [Fred], and [George] in de-[gnome]ing the [Burrow] garden.

CS: chapter 3, pp. 38-39      

[Arthur Weasley] returns home, talking about work, when [Molly] confronts him about his [flying car].

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