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Outline of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Arrives at the Burrow

CS: chapter 3, pp. 39-41      

[Ron] and [Harry] skirt up the stairs, leaving [Mr. and Mrs. Weasley] arguing below. They pass [Ginny], who is nervously hiding from [Harry], and [Ron] shows [Harry] his bedroom, which [Harry] loves.

4. At Flourish and Blotts

Chapter 4 summary      

Chapter 4 - "At Flourish and Blotts" - In which [Harry] and the [Weasleys] receive their required [book] lists from [Hogwarts] and go to [Diagon Alley] via [Floo powder]. There [Harry] arrives in [Knockturn Alley], overhears the [Malfoys], is found by [Hagrid], meets author/teacher [Gilderoy Lockhart], and [Arthur Weasley] comes to blows with [Lucius Malfoy].

Summer Days with the Weasleys

CS: chapter 4, pp. 42-43      

Time passes at the [Burrow], and [Harry] continues to be fascinated by the [Weasleys]' lifestyle, especially [Molly]'s fussing over his every need and [Arthur]'s fascination with Muggles.

CS: chapter 4, pp. 43-45      

Booklists arrive from [Hogwarts], with [Lockhart]'s books on all of them. The lists are soon followed by a letter from [Hermione], and the [Weasleys] plan to meet her at [Diagon Alley].

CS: chapter 4, pp. 45-47      

Setting off to play [Quidditch] in the [Weasleys]' paddock, [Harry], [Ron], [Fred], and [George] chat about [Percy], [O.W.L.]s, and the high cost of [Lockhart]'s books.

A Knockturn Alley Detour

CS: chapter 4, pp. 47-48      

Standing in the [Burrow] kitchen, the [Weasleys] try to quickly explain [Floo Powder] to [Harry], and he gets in the fireplace and tries to travel to [Diagon Alley], coughing out the words.

CS: chapter 4, pp. 49-53      

Having gone the wrong way in the [Floo Network], [Harry] comes out in [Borgin and Burkes] - and watches, hiding, as [Lucius] and [Draco Malfoy] come in to sell some of [Lucius]'s [dark items], while [Draco] whines about being outperformed by [Harry] and [Hermione].

CS: chapter 4, pp. 53-55      

[Harry] leaves [Borgin and Burkes] and finds himself in [Knockturn Alley]. Fortunately [Hagrid] shows up and rescues him, and they head back together to [Diagon Alley].

An Eventful Visit to Diagon Alley

CS: chapter 4, pp. 55-57      

Back near [Gringotts], [Harry] and [Hagrid] run into the [Grangers] and the [Weasleys] and tells them about his accidental trip to [Knockturn Alley]. [Harry] grabs money from his vault and they head off to do their shopping, deciding to meet at [Flourish and Blotts].

CS: chapter 4, pp. 57-58      

[Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] wander through their favorite [Diagon Alley] stores, stopping to make fun of [Percy], and an hour later head toward [Flourish and Blotts] to meet back up with the [Weasleys].

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