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Outline of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Arrives at the Burrow

CS: chapter 3, pp. 39-41      

Ron and Harry skirt up the stairs, leaving Mr. and Mrs. Weasley arguing below. They pass Ginny, who is nervously hiding from Harry, and Ron shows Harry his bedroom, which Harry loves.

4. At Flourish and Blotts

Chapter 4 summary      

Chapter 4 - "At Flourish and Blotts" - In which Harry and the Weasleys receive their required [book] lists from Hogwarts and go to [Diagon Alley] via Floo powder. There Harry arrives in [Knockturn Alley], overhears the [Malfoys], is found by Hagrid, meets author/teacher Gilderoy Lockhart, and Arthur Weasley comes to blows with Lucius Malfoy.

Summer Days with the Weasleys

CS: chapter 4, pp. 42-43      

Time passes at the [Burrow], and Harry continues to be fascinated by the Weasleys' lifestyle, especially Molly's fussing over his every need and Arthur's fascination with Muggles.

CS: chapter 4, pp. 43-45      

Booklists arrive from Hogwarts, with Lockhart's books on all of them. The lists are soon followed by a letter from Hermione, and the Weasleys plan to meet her at [Diagon Alley].

CS: chapter 4, pp. 45-47      

Setting off to play [Quidditch] in the Weasleys' paddock, Harry, Ron, Fred, and George chat about Percy, [O.W.L.]s, and the high cost of Lockhart's books.

A Knockturn Alley Detour

CS: chapter 4, pp. 47-48      

Standing in the [Burrow] kitchen, the Weasleys try to quickly explain [Floo Powder] to Harry, and he gets in the fireplace and tries to travel to [Diagon Alley], coughing out the words.

CS: chapter 4, pp. 49-53      

Having gone the wrong way in the [Floo Network], Harry comes out in [Borgin and Burkes] - and watches, hiding, as Lucius and Draco Malfoy come in to sell some of Lucius's dark items, while Draco whines about being outperformed by Harry and Hermione.

CS: chapter 4, pp. 53-55      

Harry leaves [Borgin and Burkes] and finds himself in [Knockturn Alley]. Fortunately Hagrid shows up and rescues him, and they head back together to [Diagon Alley].

An Eventful Visit to Diagon Alley

CS: chapter 4, pp. 55-57      

Back near [Gringotts], Harry and Hagrid run into the Grangers and the Weasleys and tells them about his accidental trip to [Knockturn Alley]. Harry grabs money from his vault and they head off to do their shopping, deciding to meet at [Flourish and Blotts].

CS: chapter 4, pp. 57-58      

Harry, Ron, and Hermione wander through their favorite [Diagon Alley] stores, stopping to make fun of Percy, and an hour later head toward [Flourish and Blotts] to meet back up with the Weasleys.

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