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Outline of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

An Eventful Visit to Diagon Alley

CS: chapter 4, pp. 58-61      

At [Flourish and Blotts], [Gilderoy Lockhart] stops in the middle of a book signing to invite [Harry] onstage and announce he'll be teaching [Defence Against the Dark Arts] at [Hogwarts].

CS: chapter 4, pp. 61-63      

The [Malfoys] corner [Harry] and the [Weasleys], and proceed to make fun of [Harry] for his popularity and the [Wealeys] for their poverty. [Arthur] then attacks [Lucius], causing quite a scene and infuriating [Molly] as they depart.

CS: chapter 4, pp. 63-64      

The [Weasleys] head back to the [Leaky Cauldron], bid good-bye to the [Grangers], and prepare to [Floo] back to the [Burrow].

5. The Whomping Willow

Chapter 5 summary      

Chapter 5 - "The Whomping Willow" - In which the entire Weasley family and Harry cram into the Ford Anglia and drive to King's Cross Station. Harry and Ron cannot get through to the train and decide to fly the car to Hogwarts. The trip is uneventful until the end, when they lose power and crash into the Whomping Willow.

CS: chapter 5, p. 65      

[Harry] thinks about how jealous he is of [Ron] and his life at the [Burrow], as the [Weasleys] celebrate the last night before school with a delicious dinner and [fireworks].

To King's Cross in the Ford Anglia

CS: chapter 5, pp. 65-67      

The [Weasleys] and [Harry] take [Mr. Weasley's car] to [Kings Cross Station], stopping to return home twice for forgotten items. With the family now running late, [Arthur] tries unsuccessfully to convince [Molly] to let him fly the car.

CS: chapter 5, pp. 67-69      

The [Weasleys] rush through [Kings Cross Station] and through the barrier to [platform nine and three-quarters], but when [Harry] and [Ron] try to get through, they find the barrier closed. Stuck on the Muggle platform with the train gone, they decide to fly the [Ford Anglia] to school instead.

Ron and Harry Travel to Hogwarts by Flying Ford Anglia

CS: chapter 5, pp. 70-74      

[Harry] and [Ron] fly the [Ford Anglia] to [Hogwarts], following the [Hogwarts Express]. The trip is glorious at first, but soon becomes hot and tiring. Then when they reach [Hogwarts], the car sputters and dies and crashes into a tree.

CS: chapter 5, pp. 74-76      

[Harry] and [Ron] realize that the tree they are stuck in is the [Whomping Willow], as it promptly tries to attack them. [Ron]'s [wand] is snapped, the [Ford Anglia] drives off without them, and [Harry] and [Ron] head in toward the [Great Hall].

Harry and Ron's Glorious Start to their Second Year

CS: chapter 5, pp. 76-78      

Standing outside the [Great Hall], [Harry] and [Ron] notice that [Snape] is not at the feast and wonder where he's gone - when he suddenly appears behind them and whisks them away to his office.

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