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Outline of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Detention with Lockhart

CS: chapter 7, pp. 118-119      

Back in the [entrance hall], [Harry] and [Ron] run into [Professor McGonagall], who informs them that their [detentions] will be that evening - and that [Harry] will be spending his with [Lockhart].

CS: chapter 7, pp. 119-121      

With [Ron] gone off to the [trophy room] with [Filch], [Harry] reluctantly heads for [Lockhart]'s office. There he helps [Lockhart] answer his fan mail, and for the first time hears a venemous voice in the walls.

CS: chapter 7, p. 121      

After waiting for [Ron] to return from [detention], [Harry] tells him about hearing the voice while he was in [Lockhart]'s office, but they can't figure it out.

8. The Deathday Party

Chapter 8 summary      

Chapter 8 - "The Deathday Party" - In which Harry is caught dripping mud on the carpet by Filch, is taken to Filch's office, discovers that Filch is not a wizard, and Nearly Headless Nick invites him to his Deathday Party, which HRH attend on Hallowe'en night. Leaving the party, Harry hears voices again, and following the sound with Ron and Hermione discovers writing on the wall and a Petrified Mrs. Norris.

CS: chapter 8, p. 122      

As October arrives and passes, a spate of colds flows through the school, leading [Madam Pomfrey] to hand around [Pepperup Potion]; meanwhile, [Oliver Wood] continues to lead the [Gryffindor Quidditch team] through manic practices.

Conversations with Nick and Filch

CS: chapter 8, pp. 123-125      

Returning muddy from a tough [Quidditch] practice, [Harry] runs into [Nearly Headless Nick], who shares his disappointment at being rejected by the [Headless Hunt]. Soon, though, [Filch] arrives, screaming at [Harry] for dragging mud through the [entrance hall].

CS: chapter 8, pp. 125-128      

[Filch] drags [Harry] off to his office, but is distracted by a large bang overhead. When he leaves, [Harry] discovers a [Kwikspell] envelope on [Filch]'s desk - and when [Filch] returns he notices it's moved and kicks [Harry] out of his office.

CS: chapter 8, pp. 129-130      

Amazed at his luck in escaping punishment, [Harry] runs from [Filch]'s office and again runs into [Nearly Headless Nick]. [Nick] then invites [Harry] to his [Deathday Party, and [Harry] agrees to go.

CS: chapter 8, pp. 130-131      

[Harry] tells [Hermione] and [Ron] about [Nick]'s [Deathday Party], and they agree to go, as the three of them sit watching a [salamander] ricocheting around the [common room].

The Deathday Party and What Came After

CS: chapter 8, pp. 131-137      

On Halloween, [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] head to [Nearly Headless Nick]'s [Deathday Party], where they chat with [Peeves] and [Moaning Myrtle], avoid the foul food and watch the [Headless Hunt] before heading back to try to catch the end of the Halloween feast.

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