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Outline of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The Deathday Party and What Came After

CS: chapter 8, pp. 137-139      

On the way to the [Great Hall], [Harry] hears the voice in the walls again and chases it - stopping dead when he finds [Mrs. Norris] strung up by her tail and a message written in blood. He, [Hermione], and [Ron] stand frozen, and soon the rest of the school arrives - led by a gloating [Draco Malfoy].

9. The Writing on the Wall

Chapter 9 summary      

Chapter 9 - "The Writing on the Wall" - In which HRH are questioned about the Petrified cat, Hermione asks Professor Binns about the Chamber of Secrets, HRH return to the scene of the crime, consult Moaning Myrtle, and speculate about the mystery.

The Basilisk's First Attack

CS: chapter 9, pp. 140-141      

At the scene of the attack on [Mrs. Norris], [Filch] arrives, screaming, and immediately accuses [Harry] of committing the crime. [Dumbledore] soon rushes in, though, and whisks [Filch] and the [petrified] [Mrs. Norris], along with [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione], to [Lockhart]'s office.

CS: chapter 9, pp. 141-144      

With teachers gathered around the [Petrified] [Mrs. Norris], [Lockhart] rambles endlessly about himself, [Dumbledore] determines that [Harry] wasn't involved, [Filch] fumes that [Harry] saw his [Kwikspell] letter, and [Snape] tries unsuccessfully to get [Harry] kicked off the [Quidditch team]. [Snape] also agrees to make [Mandrake Restorative Draught], rather than let [Lockhart] do it.

CS: chapter 9, pp. 144-145      

[Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione], dismissed from [Lockhart]'s office, run back toward [Gryffindor Tower]. On the way they discuss the voice [Harry]'s been hearing, and the newfound knowledge that [Filch] is a [Squib].

CS: chapter 9, p. 146      

As time passes [Filch] tries unsuccessfully to clean the corridor where [Mrs. Norris] was [Petrified], [Ginny] seems greatly disturbed by [Mrs. Norris]'s fate while [Ron] tries to reassure her, and [Hermione] spends every spare moment she has in the [library].

Suspicions and Worries

CS: chapter 9, p. 146      

[Harry] runs into [Justin Finch-Fletchley] in the hallway, and before he can say hello [Justin] promptly turns around and rushes the other direction.

CS: chapter 9, pp. 147-148      

[Harry] finds [Ron] and [Hermione] in the [library] and tells them about [Justin]'s avoiding him. Meanwhile [Hermione] tells them that she's been trying, unsuccessfully, to read up on the [Chamber of Secrets].

CS: chapter 9, pp. 148-152      

A boring [History of Magic] class is interrupted when [Hermione] asks [Professor Binns] to tell the class about the [Chamber of Secrets]. After some convincing, he explains the story of [Salazar Slytherin] fighting with [Godric Gryffindor] and creating the mythical chamber beneath the school.

CS: chapter 9, pp. 152-154      

Leaving [History of Magic], [Ron] and [Hermione] talk about the [Chamber of Secrets] and the evils of [Slytherin] while [Harry] silently thinks about how the [Sorting Hat] almost made him a [Slytherin]. He also realizes, thanks to [Colin Creevey], that people now think he's the [heir of Slytherin].

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