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Outline of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
1. Owl Post
Chapter 1 summary      

Chapter 1 - "Owl Post" - In which we are reminded of Harry's previous adventures and told of his summer holidays, he receives birthday cards and presents from his friends, and Harry learns what Ron and Hermione did during the summer.

Homework at Midnight

PA: chapter 1, pp. 1-2      

[Harry] sits in bed, secretly doing his homework on witch burnings.

PA: chapter 1, pp. 2-3      

We learn about the [Dursleys] and their having taken [Harry]'s schoolbooks away for the summer.

PA: chapter 1, pp. 3-4      

[Ron] attempts to call [Harry] on the telephone, but in screaming into the phone outrages [Uncle Vernon] instead.

PA: chapter 1, pp. 4-6      

[Harry] thinks back at how [Ron] and [Hermione] have not contacted him for the summer, continues working on his homework, and suddenly realizes that it's his thirteenth birthday.

PA: chapter 1, p. 6      

We learn about [Harry]'s appearance, his scar, and his experience learning that he was a wizard and then twice encountering [Voldemort].

PA: chapter 1, pp. 6-8      

Looking out the window, [Harry] spots [Hedwig], flying toward him with another [owl] and carrying an unconscious [Errol] between them. They are each carrying packages, and one of them also has his new [Hogwarts] letter.

PA: chapter 1, pp. 8-10      

The package from [Ron] delivers news that the [Weasleys] have taken a trip to [Egypt], along with an apology from [Ron] for the disasterous phone call and a [Pocket Sneakoscope] as a birthday present.

PA: chapter 1, pp. 11-12      

[Harry] then reads [Hermione]'s letter, where she tells about her vacation in [France], and opens her present - a [Broomstick Servicing Kit].

PA: chapter 1, p. 12      

We learn about how much [Harry] likes [Quidditch], and the fact that he's very talented at it.

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