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Outline of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The Loss of a Faithful Broom

PA: chapter 9, pp. 173-175      

[Harry] awakens early to [Peeves] blowing in his ear, and trudges down alone to the [common room], stopping en route to prevent [Crookshanks] from sneaking into the dormitory, and sits alone thinking about the game.

PA: chapter 9, pp. 175-176      

The [Gryffindor Quidditch team] heads out to its first match in torrential rain, with [Oliver Wood] barely able to speak a word pre-game. [Harry] can barely hear [Madam Hooch], but nevertheless sees her whistle - and the match begins.

PA: chapter 9, pp. 176-179      

The [Quidditch] match between [Gryffindor] and [Hufflepuff] is a challenging one - in the heavy rain [Harry] doesn't even know the score. [Hermione] helps him clear his glasses during a time out, but just when he sees the [Snitch], Harry also sees over a hundred [dementors] - and, after hearing his parents' dying words, blacks out.

PA: chapter 9, pp. 179-182      

[Harry] wakes up in the [hospital wing], surrounded by his teammates and [Ron] and [Hermione]. He learns that [Gryffindor] has lost the match, that [Dumbledore] saved his life, and that his [Nimbus 2000] blew into the [Whomping Willow] after he fell and was destroyed.

10. The Marauder's Map

Chapter 10 summary      

Chapter 10 - "The Marauder's Map" - In which Harry spends the weekend in hospital, Lupin returns to class and tells Harry about dementors, and Fred and George give Harry the Marauder's Map. Harry uses a secret passage to join Ron and Hermione in Hogsmeade, they overhear a teachers' conversation, and learn that Black is believed to have betrayed Harry's parents and is his godfather.

PA: chapter 10, pp. 183-184      

Staying in the [hospital wing] for the weekend, [Harry] has a slew of visitors, from [Ginny] bearing a homemade get well card to the [Gryffindor Quidditch team], as well as [Ron] and [Hermione]. The whole time, however, Harry is worrying about the [Grim], and about his reaction to the [dementors].

PA: chapter 10, pp. 184-185      

[Draco Malfoy] celebrates [Gryffindor]'s defeat by imitating [Harry] falling off his broom, finally deciding to stop faking an arm injury.

A Conversation with Lupin

PA: chapter 10, pp. 185-186      

With [Lupin] back in [Defence Against the Dark Arts], the class launches into a tirade on [Snape]'s behavior filling in as their teacher, and Lupin stands by them, cancelling the homework, and then proceeds to teach about [hinkypunks].

PA: chapter 10, pp. 186-189      

[Lupin] holds [Harry] back after class to talk about his lost [broom] and [Harry]'s reaction to the [dementors]. [Lupin] then agrees to teach Harry to fight the creatures off, once the holidays are through.

A Gift From Fred and George

PA: chapter 10, pp. 189-190      

As the holidays approach, the [Ravenclaw Quidditch team] flattens [Hufflepuff], and [Ron] and [Hermione] decide to spend the holiday break at [Hogwarts] to keep [Harry] company, helping lighten Harry's mood.

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