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Outline of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Anti-Dementor Lessons

PA: chapter 12, pp. 236-243      

[Harry] arrives for his first anti-[dementor] lesson with [Lupin], and learns about the [Patronus Charm]. He attempts it on a [boggart], but hears his parents' last words with every attempt. As he leaves, he gives himself a pep talk - determined to succeed despite this meaning he wouldn't be able to hear his parents' voices again.

A Firebolt!

PA: chapter 12, pp. 243-244      

As time passes, [Oliver Wood] ups the number of weekly [Quidditch] practices to five, leaving [Harry] only one night a week for homework. However, [Hermione] is even more bogged down - and neither Harry nor [Ron] can figure out how she's getting to her classes.

PA: chapter 12, pp. 244-245      

[Oliver Wood] stops [Harry] to tell him that [McGonagall] won't return his [Firebolt], and that he'd better hurry up and buy another new broom instead.

PA: chapter 12, pp. 245-246      

As February arrives, [Harry] is constantly asking [McGonagall] for news of his [Firebolt], and struggling with his anti-[dementor] lessons, fighting his secret desire to hear his parents' voices.

PA: chapter 12, pp. 246-248      

At the end of [Harry]'s fourth anti-[dementor] lesson, [Lupin] reminds him that he's doing very well for being thirteen. They then sit drinking [butterbeer] together, talking about [Sirius Black] and the [dementor's kiss].

PA: chapter 12, p. 248      

Lost in thought, [Harry] runs into [Professor McGonagall] - who, much to his surprise, returns his [Firebolt], good as ever.

PA: chapter 12, pp. 248-249      

[Harry] shows [Ron] his returned [Firebolt], and they return to the [common room], having decided to make up with [Hermione].

In the Common Room

PA: chapter 12, pp. 249-250      

Outside [Gryffindor Tower], [Harry] and [Ron] run into [Neville], who despite having written down the week's [passwords] has lost them. Finally [Sir Cadogan] lets them through, and Harry is immediately surrounded by fellow students admiring his [Firebolt].

PA: chapter 12, pp. 250-251      

[Harry] sits down to chat with [Hermione] about her course load, but they're interrupted when [Ron] suddenly bursts from the [dormitory], having discovered [Scabbers]'s blood amidst some cat hairs from [Crookshanks].

13. Gryffindor Versus Ravenclaw

Chapter 13 summary      

Chapter 13 - "Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw" - In which Ron and Hermione's anger grows, Quidditch practice resumes, Gryffindor plays Ravenclaw and wins despite Slytherin's attempts to sabotage the match by dressing as dementors. Gryffindor celebrates into the night while Hermione studies. Black gets into the dorm and apparently slashes Ron's bed curtains.

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