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Outline of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
PA: chapter 13, pp. 252-253      

With Scabbers apparently gone, Ron and Hermione don't seem as though they'll ever be able to get over their anger with each other, and Ron mopes about no longer having a pet.

Quidditch Practice

PA: chapter 13, pp. 253-254      

Harry heads down to [Quidditch] practice with Ron, ready to try out the new [Firebolt]. After Madam Hooch looks it over, she and Ron head to the stands to sit and watch practice.

PA: chapter 13, pp. 254-256      

The [Gryffindor Quidditch team] has one of its best practices ever, inspired by Harry's new [Firebolt]. Harry stays late to let Ron ride the broom.

PA: chapter 13, pp. 256-257      

On the way back to the castle, Harry stops short, thinking he's seen the Grim, but relaxes when he and Ron realize that it's only Crookshanks.

PA: chapter 13, pp. 257-258      

Harry heads down to breakfast prior to the [Quidditch] match against Ravenclaw, with enormous attention heaped on his new [Firebolt]. Even Malfoy can't hide his envy, and finally the team heads to the locker room through a beautiful sunny morning.

A Gryffindor Victory!

PA: chapter 13, p. 259      

[Oliver Wood] gives his pre-game pep talk and the [Gryffindor team] heads out to the pitch to start the match. On the way, Harry can't help noticing how pretty the Ravenclaw [Seeker], Cho Chang, is.

PA: chapter 13, pp. 259-262      

The Gryffindor-Ravenclaw match begins, with Lee Jordan unable to contain his excitement over the [Firebolt] while commentating. Harry struggles for a moment flying next to Cho, whips out his wand to fight off what he thinks are [dementors], and still manages to catch the Snitch.

PA: chapter 13, pp. 262-264      

The celebration for winning the [Quidditch] match is incredibly sweet for Harry: his entire team congratulates him, Lupin remarks on his [Patronus] and points out that Malfoy and his Slytherin teammates had dressed up as fake [dementors] but gotten detentions, and everybody returns to the common room for a party.

PA: chapter 13, pp. 264-265      

At the celebration over the [Quidditch] victory, Harry is enjoying himself but tries to talk with Hermione and make friends again, until Ron's rudeness drives her from the room in tears. Finally Professor McGonagall arrives to tell everyone to quiet down and go to bed.

PA: chapter 13, p. 265      

Heading to bed after a long party, Harry has a strange dream about chasing what seems to be his own [Patronus].

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