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Outline of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
PA: chapter 13, pp. 252-253      

With [Scabbers] apparently gone, [Ron] and [Hermione] don't seem as though they'll ever be able to get over their anger with each other, and Ron mopes about no longer having a pet.

Quidditch Practice

PA: chapter 13, pp. 253-254      

[Harry] heads down to [Quidditch] practice with [Ron], ready to try out the new [Firebolt]. After [Madam Hooch] looks it over, she and Ron head to the stands to sit and watch practice.

PA: chapter 13, pp. 254-256      

The [Gryffindor Quidditch team] has one of its best practices ever, inspired by [Harry]'s new [Firebolt]. Harry stays late to let [Ron] ride the broom.

PA: chapter 13, pp. 256-257      

On the way back to the castle, [Harry] stops short, thinking he's seen the [Grim], but relaxes when he and [Ron] realize that it's only [Crookshanks].

PA: chapter 13, pp. 257-258      

[Harry] heads down to breakfast prior to the [Quidditch] match against [Ravenclaw], with enormous attention heaped on his new [Firebolt]. Even [Malfoy] can't hide his envy, and finally the team heads to the locker room through a beautiful sunny morning.

A Gryffindor Victory!

PA: chapter 13, p. 259      

[Oliver Wood] gives his pre-game pep talk and the [Gryffindor team] heads out to the pitch to start the match. On the way, [Harry] can't help noticing how pretty the [Ravenclaw] [Seeker], [Cho Chang], is.

PA: chapter 13, pp. 259-262      

The [Gryffindor]-[Ravenclaw] match begins, with [Lee Jordan] unable to contain his excitement over the [Firebolt] while commentating. Harry struggles for a moment flying next to [Cho], whips out his wand to fight off what he thinks are [dementors], and still manages to catch the [Snitch].

PA: chapter 13, pp. 262-264      

The celebration for winning the [Quidditch] match is incredibly sweet for [Harry]: his entire team congratulates him, [Lupin] remarks on his [Patronus] and points out that [Malfoy] and his [Slytherin] teammates had dressed up as fake [dementors] but gotten [detentions], and everybody returns to the [common room] for a party.

PA: chapter 13, pp. 264-265      

At the celebration over the [Quidditch] victory, [Harry] is enjoying himself but tries to talk with [Hermione] and make friends again, until [Ron]'s rudeness drives her from the room in tears. Finally [Professor McGonagall] arrives to tell everyone to quiet down and go to bed.

PA: chapter 13, p. 265      

Heading to bed after a long party, [Harry] has a strange dream about chasing what seems to be his own [Patronus].

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