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Outline of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

A Close Call

PA: chapter 14, pp. 282-289      

Back at Hogwarts, Harry instantly encounters Snape, who pulls him into his office to yell at him for visiting [Hogsmeade], as well as for a host of other things. He forces Harry to turn in the Marauder's Map, which promptly insults him, and calls Lupin in to look at it, but when Lupin arrives he manages to take Harry out the door with him.

PA: chapter 14, pp. 289-290      

Leaving Snape's office, Lupin scolds Harry, confiscates the Marauder's Map, and makes him feel far worse for sneaking out than Snape ever managed to do.

PA: chapter 14, pp. 290-292      

Returning to Gryffindor Tower and feeling awful for sneaking to [Hogsmeade], Harry and Ron encounter Hermione - and learn that Buckbeak lost his trial and was sentenced to death. When Ron offers to help with the appeal, Hermione gives him an enormous hug, and they finally apologize to one another and make up.

15. The Quidditch Final
Chapter 15 summary      

Chapter 15 - "The Quidditch Final" - In which Hagrid loses his case and Buckbeak is sentenced to death, Ron and Hermione make up, Hermione slaps Malfoy, misses Charms class and storms out of Divination. Tensions rise as the Gryffindor-Slytherin match approaches. When it comes, it is the roughest match Harry has ever played, but Gryffindor still wins.

Hermione Conquers All!

PA: chapter 15, pp. 292-293      

During Care of Magical Creatures, Harry, Ron, and Hermione comfort Hagrid and vow to help with Buckbeak's appeal, though Hagrid isn't confident it will do any good.

PA: chapter 15, pp. 293-294      

Walking away from a crying Hagrid, Harry, Ron, and Hermione instead encounter a smug Malfoy, who Hermione promptly slaps in the face before announcing to Harry that he'd better beat Slytherin in [Quidditch].

PA: chapter 15, pp. 294-295      

Harry and Ron run into Charms class late, only to discover that Hermione has somehow disappeared en route. After a class on [Cheering Charms] and lunch, they find her in the common room, asleep, and worry she's cracking up. She then runs off to apologize to Professor Flitwick before heading off to Divination.

PA: chapter 15, pp. 295-299      

Hermione reappears for Divination, in which the class begins studying [crystal balls]. When Trelawney sees the Grim for Harry, though, Hermione gets upset, prompting Trelawney to call her mundane and Hermione to quit and storm out of class. Lavender, however, recalls that Trelawney predicted Hermione's departure, and Harry is left still wondering whether the Grim is real.

All About Quidditch

PA: chapter 15, pp. 299-300      

Over the Easter holidays, the third years work hard, particularly Hermione with her many classes, Ron, working on Buckbeak's appeal, and Harry who has daily [Quidditch] practices and endless conversations about it with [Oliver Wood].

PA: chapter 15, pp. 300-302      

With the final [Quidditch] match approaching, the entire school is obsessed with the Gryffindor-Slytherin matchup. Fights break out in corridors, Harry has to be escorted to class by fellow Gryffindors, and Harry constantly checks on his [Firebolt]'s safety.

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