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Outline of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Exit Professor Lupin

PA: chapter 22, pp. 423-425      

Harry runs into Lupin's office, where he gets confirmation of Lupin's resignation. Harry tells his whole story, and Lupin returns the Invisibility Cloak and the Marauder's Map. Then, [Dumbledore] arrives with a knock on the door, and Lupin says good-bye and departs.

PA: chapter 22, pp. 425-428      

[Dumbledore] stays behind in [Lupin's office], discussing Harry's adventure, the fact that Pettigrew is now indebted to him, and Harry's father, James.

The End of Another Year

PA: chapter 22, pp. 428-430      

As the school year ends, Malfoy is furious about Buckbeak's escape, his classmates discuss next year's Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, and everybody learns they've passed their exams.

PA: chapter 22, pp. 430-434      

On the Hogwarts Express home, Hermione admits she'll be returning to a regular courseload, Ron invites Harry to the [Quidditch World Cup], and an owl arrives with a letter from Sirius, telling Harry all about his run from the [Aurors] and the [Firebolt], and giving Harry permission to go to [Hogsmeade] and Ron the owl that delivered the letter.

PA: chapter 22, pp. 434-435      

Back at [Kings Cross Station] once more, Harry bids farewell to Ron and Hermione, and tells the [Dursleys] all about his newfound godfather, an escaped convict, as he heads home for another summer in Surrey.

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