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Outline of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Exit Professor Lupin

PA: chapter 22, pp. 423-425      

[Harry] runs into [Lupin]'s office, where he gets confirmation of Lupin's resignation. Harry tells his whole story, and Lupin returns the [Invisibility Cloak] and the [Marauder's Map]. Then, [Dumbledore] arrives with a knock on the door, and Lupin says good-bye and departs.

PA: chapter 22, pp. 425-428      

[Dumbledore] stays behind in [Lupin's office], discussing Harry's adventure, the fact that [Pettigrew] is now indebted to him, and Harry's father, [James].

The End of Another Year

PA: chapter 22, pp. 428-430      

As the school year ends, [Malfoy] is furious about [Buckbeak]'s escape, his classmates discuss next year's [Defence Against the Dark Arts] teacher, and everybody learns they've passed their exams.

PA: chapter 22, pp. 430-434      

On the [Hogwarts Express] home, [Hermione] admits she'll be returning to a regular courseload, [Ron] invites [Harry] to the [Quidditch World Cup], and an [owl] arrives with a letter from [Sirius], telling Harry all about his run from the [Aurors] and the [Firebolt], and giving Harry permission to go to [Hogsmeade] and Ron the owl that delivered the letter.

PA: chapter 22, pp. 434-435      

Back at [Kings Cross Station] once more, [Harry] bids farewell to [Ron] and [Hermione], and tells the [Dursleys] all about his newfound godfather, an escaped convict, as he heads home for another summer in [Surrey].

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