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Outline of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Hagrid Teaches His Very First Care of Magical Creatures Lesson

PA: chapter 6, pp. 118-120      

The Care of Magical Creatures class leaves, with the Slytherins ranting about Hagrid letting Malfoy get hurt. Harry, Ron, and Hermione continue discussing the incident at dinner and back in the common room, finally deciding to go visit Hagrid.

PA: chapter 6, pp. 120-122      

Down in Hagrid's hut, Harry, Ron, and Hermione comfort Hagrid, who is still upset over Malfoy's injury in Care of Magical Creatures. Once Hagrid sobers up, though, he gets upset with the kids for walking across the grounds to see him late at night, and takes them back up to the castle.

8. The Boggart in the Wardrobe

Chapter 8 summary      

Chapter 7 - "The Boggart in the Wardrobe" - Malfoy takes advantage of his injury in Potions, Snape orders Ron and Harry to do his work, Black has been sighted near the school, Lupin conducts his first DADA class on confronting Boggarts.

In Potions Class

PA: chapter 8, pp. 123-126      

In Potions class, Malfoy returns from the hospital wing with his arm in a sling and manages to get Snape to order Ron and Harry to help him, while meanwhile Neville goes to pieces trying to get his [Shrinking Solution] to work, knowing that he'll have to feed it to Trevor at the end of the lesson to see if it works.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 126-128      

As Potions class continues, Seamus leans over to Harry and tells him that [Sirus Black] has been sighted nearby - and Malfoy proceeds to make fun of Harry for not knowing why he should want to go after him.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 128-130      

Potions class finally ends with Snape testing Neville's [Shrinking Solution] on his toad, Trevor - and when it works, Snape takes points off from Hermione from helping him. Ron is outraged, but when he turns to talk to Hermione, she disappears, leaving Ron and Harry suspicious.

Facing Their Worst Fears

PA: chapter 8, pp. 130-132      

At the start of Defence Against the Dark Arts, Professor Lupin puzzles the class by asking them to put books away and follow him through the school. They pass Peeves, who Lupin drives away by forcing a wad of gum up his nose, and enter the staff room - where Snape takes one last shot at Neville before departing.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 132-136      

Though the class is rather alarmed when Professor Lupin tells them they are to face a [boggart], Harry and Hermione answer questions successfully and Lupin prepares Neville to face the creature first by asking him to picture Snape in his Gran's clothes.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 136-140      

Professor Lupin unleashes the [boggart] on his class, and they tackle it admirably, with the highlight of course being Neville, who puts Snape in his grandmother's clothes. However, when the boggart gets to Harry, Lupin intervenes and doesn't give Harry a shot, leaving him confused as the class leaves the room glowing about the lesson.

8. The Boggart in the Wardrobe

Chapter 8 summary      

Chapter 8 - "Flight of the Fat Lady" - Defence Against the Dark Arts remains a favorite, Quidditch practice begins, Crookshanks goes after Scabbers, tension builds between Ron and Hermione, Harry is denied permission to visit Hogsmeade, Lupin talks to him about fear, Snape brews a potion for Lupin, Hallowe'en feast, and Black slashes the Fat Lady's portrait.

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