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Outline of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
PA: chapter 8, pp. 141-142      

As time passes, [Harry] contemplates his classes - he now loves [Defence Against the Dark Arts] with [Lupin], but dreading [Divination] and [Hagrid]'s extremely boring [Care of Magical Creatures] classes.

Classwork, Classwork, and More Classwork

PA: chapter 8, pp. 142-144      

As October begins, so does [Quidditch], much to [Harry]'s delight. [Oliver Wood] starts the season with an inspiring speech, and the [Gryffindor team] starts training enthusiastically.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 144-147      

[Harry] arrives in the [common room] after [Quidditch] practice to find a sign-up sheet for the first [Hogsmeade] weekend. After discussing his chances of going with [Ron] and [Hermione], they are interrupted as [Crookshanks] tries to attack [Scabbers], and Ron storms off.

PA: chapter 8, p. 147      

In [Herbology], [Hermione] tries briefly to make peace with [Ron] by asking how [Scabbers] is doing, but Ron responds angrily and scatters beans all over the floor.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 147-149      

Outside [Transfiguration], [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] discover [Lavender Brown], upset that her pet rabbit, [Binky], has been killed by a fox. She believes this is what [Professor Trelawney] predicted, but when Hermione points out that it couldn't have been, Lavender and Ron both get irate at her.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 149-150      

At the end of [Transfiguration] class, [Professor McGonagall] reminds the third years to bring their permission forms for [Hogsmeade], letting [Neville] know that his [Gran] has already sent his in. As other students depart, [Harry] asks if she'll let him go without a form, but gets a firm no in response.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 150-151      

In the [common room], [Harry] bemoans the fact that he'll be unable to visit [Hogsmeade], while his classmates around him talk excitedly about it. [Percy]'s good-hearted attempt to cheer Harry up falls rather flat as well.

Hogsmeade, Halloween, and a Shredded Portrait

PA: chapter 8, pp. 151-154      

On Halloween morning the students head off for [Hogsmeade], with [Harry] left behind. He wanders the halls, ignoring [Malfoy]'s taunts, avoiding [Colin Creevey], having a brief run-in with [Filch], and finally walking by [Professor Lupin], who invites Harry into his office.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 154-157      

[Harry] and [Lupin] sit in [Lupin's office], talking about a new delivery of [grindylow] and Lupin's fear of letting Harry fight the [boggart]. [Snape] then arrives with a goblet of potion, which Harry tries to warn Lupin against drinking, but Lupin downs it just the same and dismisses Harry.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 157-159      

[Ron] and [Hermione] return from [Hogsmeade] and shower [Harry] with goodies from [Honeydukes], and tell him all about [Hogsmeade] while Harry tells them of his conversation with [Lupin] as they all walk down together to the Halloween feast.

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