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Outline of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
PA: chapter 8, pp. 141-142      

As time passes, Harry contemplates his classes - he now loves Defence Against the Dark Arts with Lupin, but dreading Divination and Hagrid's extremely boring Care of Magical Creatures classes.

Classwork, Classwork, and More Classwork

PA: chapter 8, pp. 142-144      

As October begins, so does [Quidditch], much to Harry's delight. [Oliver Wood] starts the season with an inspiring speech, and the [Gryffindor team] starts training enthusiastically.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 144-147      

Harry arrives in the common room after [Quidditch] practice to find a sign-up sheet for the first [Hogsmeade] weekend. After discussing his chances of going with Ron and Hermione, they are interrupted as Crookshanks tries to attack Scabbers, and Ron storms off.

PA: chapter 8, p. 147      

In Herbology, Hermione tries briefly to make peace with Ron by asking how Scabbers is doing, but Ron responds angrily and scatters beans all over the floor.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 147-149      

Outside Transfiguration, Harry, Ron, and Hermione discover Lavender Brown, upset that her pet rabbit, Binky, has been killed by a fox. She believes this is what Professor Trelawney predicted, but when Hermione points out that it couldn't have been, Lavender and Ron both get irate at her.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 149-150      

At the end of Transfiguration class, Professor McGonagall reminds the third years to bring their permission forms for [Hogsmeade], letting Neville know that his Gran has already sent his in. As other students depart, Harry asks if she'll let him go without a form, but gets a firm no in response.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 150-151      

In the common room, Harry bemoans the fact that he'll be unable to visit [Hogsmeade], while his classmates around him talk excitedly about it. Percy's good-hearted attempt to cheer Harry up falls rather flat as well.

Hogsmeade, Halloween, and a Shredded Portrait

PA: chapter 8, pp. 151-154      

On Halloween morning the students head off for [Hogsmeade], with Harry left behind. He wanders the halls, ignoring Malfoy's taunts, avoiding Colin Creevey, having a brief run-in with Filch, and finally walking by Professor Lupin, who invites Harry into his office.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 154-157      

Harry and Lupin sit in [Lupin's office], talking about a new delivery of [grindylow] and Lupin's fear of letting Harry fight the [boggart]. Snape then arrives with a goblet of potion, which Harry tries to warn Lupin against drinking, but Lupin downs it just the same and dismisses Harry.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 157-159      

Ron and Hermione return from [Hogsmeade] and shower Harry with goodies from [Honeydukes], and tell him all about [Hogsmeade] while Harry tells them of his conversation with Lupin as they all walk down together to the Halloween feast.

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