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Outline of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Hogsmeade, Halloween, and a Shredded Portrait

PA: chapter 8, p. 159      

The students all enjoy a lovely Halloween feast, complete with gliding formations by the [Hogwarts ghosts], and then head back to their dormitories.

PA: chapter 8, pp. 159-161      

The [Gryffindors] all stop outside [Gryffindor Tower], discovering that the [Fat Lady] is gone and her portrait shredded. [Professor Dumbledore] arrives to sort things out, and quickly learns from [Peeves] who the culprit was - [Sirius Black].

9. Grim Defeat

Chapter 9 summary      

Chapter 9 - "Grim Defeat" - The students are gathered in the Great Hall for the night, Quidditch practice continues, DADA is taken over by Snape when Lupin falls ill, Peeves wakes Harry, Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff in a thunderstorm, Harry sees the Grim and Dementors on the pitch and passes out to awaken in hospital having lost the game.

Sleepover in the Great Hall

PA: chapter 9, pp. 162-163      

[Professor Dumbledore] gathers all of the students into the [Great Hall], leaving them sleeping bags and orders to alert him with any news, as he heads off to search the castle with the other teachers.

PA: chapter 9, pp. 163-166      

[Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] lie discussing [Sirius Black]'s sneak attack on the [Fat Lady]. They then hear [Dumbledore] arrive and tell [Percy] that Black is gone and the [Fat Lady] has been found - and overhear [Snape] expressing concern about some [Hogwarts] teacher who might be helping Black in. We also learn of Dumbledore's immense dislike of [dementors].

PA: chapter 9, pp. 166-167      

As time passes, students gossip about how [Sirius Black] could have entered [Hogwarts], [Sir Cadogan] replaces the [Fat Lady] outside [Gryffindor Tower], and teachers (along with [Percy Weasley]) begin staying annoyingly close to [Harry] at all times.

Preparing for Quidditch

PA: chapter 9, pp. 167-168      

Out of her concern for [Harry]'s safety, [Professor McGonagall] tries to tell Harry to stop attending [Quidditch] practices - but at his protests, she relents and instead assigns [Madam Hooch] to be present at each practice.

PA: chapter 9, pp. 168-169      

As the first Quidditch match nears, the [Gryffindor team] learns that they will be playing [Hufflepuff] instead of [Slytherin], owing to [Malfoy]'s fake injury. [Oliver Wood], fearful of what this could mean for their chances, struggles to keep the team serious about the match.

PA: chapter 9, p. 169      

[Harry] struggles to focus on his classes as the [Quidditch] match nears and storms howl outside - especially as [Oliver Wood] makes him ten minutes late to [Defence Against the Dark Arts] discussing [Cedric Diggory]'s swerve.

PA: chapter 9, pp. 170-173      

[Harry] bursts into [Defence Against the Dark Arts] class ten minutes late, to find [Snape] teaching instead of [Lupin]. Snape, over the class's protests, nastily teaches a lesson on [werewolves], infuriating the [Gryffindors], and gives loads of homework.

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