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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
GF: chapter 15, pp. 237-241      

At breakfast, [Harry] and [Ron] overhear [Fred and George] talking secretively about something, but they refuse to tell. Harry changes the subject to the [Triwizard Tournament], but [Hermione] quickly shifts it to [house-elves], frustrating everyone around her again. [Hedwig] distracts Harry, though, delivering news from [Sirius] that he is now hidden not far from [Hogwarts].

GF: chapter 15, pp. 241-247      

The [Hogwarts] community gathers in front of the [castle] to greet its visitors from [Beauxbatons] and [Drumstrang], who arrive dramatically in a [flying carriage] and a [ship], respectively, impressing the students. [Ron] is even more impressed, however, when he realizes that one of the Drumstrang students is [Viktor Krum].

16. The Goblet of Fire
Chapter 16 summary      

Chapter 16 - "The Goblet of Fire" - In which all learn about the Triwizard Tournament after dinner in the Great Hall. Next morning Fred and George fail to fool the Goblet of Fire. HRH visit Hagrid, discovering that he fancies Madame Maxime of Beauxbatons. After the Hallowe'en feast, the Goblet chooses the champions - Viktor Krum for Durmstrang; Fleur Delacour for Beauxbatons; Cedric Diggory for Hogwarts..and a fourth champion - Harry Potter.

The Opening of the Triwizard Tournament

GF: chapter 16, pp. 248-250      

As the students walk inside, [Ron] obsesses over [Viktor Krum], while [Hermione], obviously tense, makes snide comments about the attitudes of the [Beauxbatons] students. Meanwhile, [Filch] puts out extra chairs in the [Great Hall] and [Dumbledore] continues to welcome the guests.

GF: chapter 16, pp. 250-253      

[Dumbledore] begins the feast, which features some unfamiliar foreign foods. Meanwhile a girl comes over from the [Beauxbatons] table who manages to distract [Ron] from [Krum], as she seems to be a [veela]. Meanwhile [Ludo Bagman] and [Barty Crouch] arrive and take seats as well.

GF: chapter 16, pp. 253-256      

As the feast ends, [Dumbledore] gets up to introduce [Crouch] and [Bagman], as well, of course, to open the [Triwizard Tournament]. He introduces the [Goblet of Fire], into which students will have twenty-four hours to drop their names if they wish to enter the tournament, and are also over the age of seventeen.

GF: chapter 16, pp. 256-258      

On the way out of the [Great Hall], [Fred and George] scheme about getting across the [Age Line], [Karkaroff] fawns over [Viktor Krum] almost as much as the [Hogwarts] students, and the entire [Drumstrang] group freezes when Karkaroff notices [Harry Potter] and his [scar], until [Moody] arrives and pushes them along.

The Submitting of Names

GF: chapter 16, pp. 258-260      

[Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] start their Saturday morning by wandering down to the [Great Hall] and the [Goblet of Fire]. Soon after, [Fred], [George], and [Lee Jordan] arrive having taken [Aging Potion] - but when Fred and George step across the [Age Line] to put their names in the Goblet, they are launched across the room and sprout long, white beards.

GF: chapter 16, pp. 260-261      

In the [Great Hall], students gossip about who has entered the [Triwizard Tournament], including [Warrington] and [Cedric Diggory]. [Angelina Johnson] then walks in, just having put her name in as well, exciting the [Gryffindors].

GF: chapter 16, pp. 262-263      

Back in the [entrance hall], the [Beauxbatons] students file in and drop their names in the [Goblet of Fire] while [Hermione] runs up to her room to grab her [S.P.E.W.] badges, intent on offering one to [Hagrid].

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