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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
GF: chapter 16, pp. 263-267      

Down at [Hagrid's hut], [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] find him decked out in what he seems to think is his finest, though it makes him look strange. They discuss the [skrewts], the [Triwizard Tournament], and Hagrid's refusal to join [S.P.E.W.]. However, just as they prepare to walk up to dinner together, Hagrid walks off without them - and the kids see him heading off with [Madame Maxime].

GF: chapter 16, p. 267      

On the way back to the [castle], [Harry], [Ron], and [Hermione] pass the [Drumstrang] students, including [Viktor Krum].

The Champions Are Chosen

GF: chapter 16, pp. 267-268      

Back in the [Great Hall], the Halloween feast seems to drag on as everyone is impatient to learn who the [Triwizard] champions will be.

GF: chapter 16, pp. 268-271      

Finally [Dumbledore] stands up to announce the three [Triwizard] champions. The [Goblet of Fire] spits out the three names - [Viktor Krum], [Fleur Delacour], and [Cedric Diggory] - and then, to everyone's surprise, spits out a fourth name as well: [Harry Potter].

17. The Four Champions

Chapter 17 summary      

Chapter 17 - "The Four Champions" - In which the Triwizard judges try to decide how Harry was selected, argue and finally accept the fact. Few believe that Harry did not enter his own name; Ron is not one of the few.

Harry Has No Choice But to Compete

GF: chapter 17, pp. 272-274      

Stunned, [Harry] moves through the silent [Great Hall] and into the next room, where [Krum], [Cedric], and [Fleur] don't understand why he's there.

GF: chapter 17, pp. 274-282      

[Ludo Bagman] leads a stream of teachers and officials into the room, where they debate loudly about [Harry]'s ability to enter the [Triwizard Tournament]. Finally [Dumbledore] realizes that he doesn't have a choice, despite irate protests from [Karkaroff] and [Madame Maxime].

Harry Tries to Explain that He Didn't Put His Name In the Goblet

GF: chapter 17, pp. 282-283      

[Harry] and [Cedric] depart for their dormitories, and on the way Cedric asks Harry how he snuck past the [Age Line] to enter the [Triwizard Tournament]. Though Harry insists he didn't enter, Cedric obviously doesn't believe him, and they both head to bed.

GF: chapter 17, pp. 283-287      

[Harry] slowly walks back to his [dormitory], terrified of why he'd been chosen for the [Triwizard Tournament]. He manages to make it through a celebrating [Gryffindor] [common room] and into his [dormitory], but there he discovers that [Ron] doesn't believe his story either.

18. The Weighing of the Wands

Chapter 18 summary      

Chapter 18 - "The Weighing of the Wands" - In which Hermione tries to help Harry, persuading him to write to Sirius. The other Houses (Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw) are no longer friendly to Harry, but he finds an ally in Hagrid. As the situation in the school grows worse, Malfoy taunts Harry into throwing a curse; Malfoy responds, the curses clash, and hit Goyle and Hermione. Harry is called out of Potions for the Weighing of the Wands and meets Rita Skeeter, who is covering the ceremony for the Daily Prophet. Later in the day, an owl arrives from Sirius asking Harry to meet him.

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