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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
GF: chapter 18, pp. 288-292      

[Harry] awakens looking for [Ron], who has gone, but instead is found by [Hermione], and the two go for a walk. Hermione tells Harry that Ron is jealous of his attention, and convinces him to at least write to [Sirius].

Less than Supportive Badges

GF: chapter 18, pp. 292-295      

Over the next day [Harry] discovers that all of [Hogwarts] seems to think him a lying cheat. The [Hufflepuffs] ignore him in [Herbology] and the [Slytherins] make fun of him in [Care of Magical Creatures]. Aside from [Hermione], the only person who seems to believe that he didn't enter the [Triwizard Tournament] himself is [Hagrid].

GF: chapter 18, pp. 295-297      

The next few days are utterly miserable for [Harry], who has to endure taunting from the entire school, anger from [Ron], and a lack of news from [Sirius].

GF: chapter 18, pp. 297-300      

Outside [Potions] class, [Draco Malfoy] shows off his new "Potter Stinks" badges, and he and [Harry] finally come to blows and shoot spells at each other. However, when Malfoy's hits [Hermione], grotesquely enlarging her teeth, [Snape] pretends nothing has changed and refuses to act on her behalf.

GF: chapter 18, pp. 300-302      

As [Potions] begins, it becomes clear that [Snape] is planning to poison [Harry] to test his antidote. Harry is saved from it, though not pleasantly, by [Colin Creevey] arriving to bring him upstairs to a photo shoot.

GF: chapter 18, p. 302      

[Colin] is far more excited than [Harry] about his photo shoot, but the two walk up to the room and Colin finally disappears.

Rita Skeeter

GF: chapter 18, pp. 302-304      

[Harry] walks into the photo shoot to find [Rita Skeeter], preparing to write a story about the Triwizard Tournament. He no sooner walks into the room than she drags him into a [broom cupboard], asking for an interview.

GF: chapter 18, pp. 304-307      

[Rita Skeeter] "interviews" [Harry] about the [Triwizard Tournament], though it soon becomes clear it's more a chance to write her own story than an attempt to tell the true one. Finally, [Dumbledore] interrupts, and [Harry] is pulled back out for the photo shoot.

GF: chapter 18, pp. 307-311      

[Mr. Ollivander] conducts the offical [weighing of the wands] for the [Triwizard] champions, [Rita Skeeter] directs a rather comical photo shoot, and finally [Harry] is allowed to leave.

GF: chapter 18, pp. 311-312      

After a quick dinner, [Harry] walks back up to his [dormitory] alone, where [Ron] curtly lets him know that he's received an [owl], and that they are to do their [detentions] together the following night. The letter turns out to be from [Sirius], who sets up a time to meet Harry in the [common room] fire.

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