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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
GF: chapter 18, pp. 288-292      

Harry awakens looking for Ron, who has gone, but instead is found by Hermione, and the two go for a walk. Hermione tells Harry that Ron is jealous of his attention, and convinces him to at least write to Sirius.

Less than Supportive Badges

GF: chapter 18, pp. 292-295      

Over the next day Harry discovers that all of [Hogwarts] seems to think him a lying cheat. The [Hufflepuffs] ignore him in [Herbology] and the [Slytherins] make fun of him in [Care of Magical Creatures]. Aside from Hermione, the only person who seems to believe that he didn't enter the [Triwizard Tournament] himself is Hagrid.

GF: chapter 18, pp. 295-297      

The next few days are utterly miserable for Harry, who has to endure taunting from the entire school, anger from Ron, and a lack of news from Sirius.

GF: chapter 18, pp. 297-300      

Outside [Potions] class, Draco Malfoy shows off his new "Potter Stinks" badges, and he and Harry finally come to blows and shoot spells at each other. However, when Malfoy's hits Hermione, grotesquely enlarging her teeth, Snape pretends nothing has changed and refuses to act on her behalf.

GF: chapter 18, pp. 300-302      

As [Potions] begins, it becomes clear that Snape is planning to poison Harry to test his antidote. Harry is saved from it, though not pleasantly, by [Colin Creevey] arriving to bring him upstairs to a photo shoot.

GF: chapter 18, p. 302      

[Colin] is far more excited than Harry about his photo shoot, but the two walk up to the room and Colin finally disappears.

Rita Skeeter

GF: chapter 18, pp. 302-304      

Harry walks into the photo shoot to find Rita Skeeter, preparing to write a story about the Triwizard Tournament. He no sooner walks into the room than she drags him into a [broom cupboard], asking for an interview.

GF: chapter 18, pp. 304-307      

Rita Skeeter "interviews" Harry about the [Triwizard Tournament], though it soon becomes clear it's more a chance to write her own story than an attempt to tell the true one. Finally, [Dumbledore] interrupts, and Harry is pulled back out for the photo shoot.

GF: chapter 18, pp. 307-311      

[Mr. Ollivander] conducts the offical [weighing of the wands] for the [Triwizard] champions, Rita Skeeter directs a rather comical photo shoot, and finally Harry is allowed to leave.

GF: chapter 18, pp. 311-312      

After a quick dinner, Harry walks back up to his [dormitory] alone, where Ron curtly lets him know that he's received an owl, and that they are to do their [detentions] together the following night. The letter turns out to be from Sirius, who sets up a time to meet Harry in the [common room] fire.

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