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Outline of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
19. The Hungarian Horntail
Chapter 19 summary      

Chapter 19 - "The Hungarian Horntail" - In which an article by Rita Skeeter fuels the taunts of the students against Harry and Hermione. Hermione tries and fails to reunite Harry and Ron. Harry hides under his Invisibility Cloak to accompany Hermione to Hogsmeade, but Moody sees him anyway. Hagrid asks to meet Harry at midnight, when he reveals the dragons of the First Task. Back in the common room, Sirius issues some warnings through the fire.

GF: chapter 19, pp. 313-317      

The next two weeks leading up to the [first task] are rough ones for Harry. A Rita Skeeter story, full of lies, appears in the [Daily Prophet]; he accidentally screams at Cho Chang when she comes to wish him luck; Ron continues refusing to talk to him; and hanging out with Hermione begins to get frustrating, owing to the large amount of time spent in the [library].

Hagrid Shows Harry the Dragons

GF: chapter 19, pp. 317-323      

With the [first task] approaching, Harry decides to go on a [Hogsmeade] visit with Hermione under his [Invisibility Cloak]. They sit in the [Three Broomsticks] drinking [butterbeer] while Hermione works on [S.P.E.W.] and Harry thinks about the upcoming task. Soon Moody and Hagrid come up, and Hagrid asks Harry to meet him at midnight.

GF: chapter 19, pp. 323-330      

At midnight Harry sneaks down to see Hagrid, under his [Invisibility Cloak]. They walk with [Madame Maxime] to an enclosure well away from the school, where Charlie Weasley greets them and Harry learns what's coming in the first task - dragons. As he sneaks back off to school, he also sees [Karkaroff] sneaking out, and realizes that Fleur and [Krum] will soon be told what's coming as well.

Sirius Communicates with Harry

GF: chapter 19, pp. 330-335      

Harry rushes back to the [common room], where Sirius is already waiting in the fire. Harry spouts everything he's feeling, with Sirius listening, but Sirius soons changes the subject to [Karkaroff], who used to be a Death Eater. He also tells Harry some of the strange things he's been hearing, all of which seem to be pointing to Voldemort's return. They're interrupted, though, and Sirius is forced to leave sooner than either of them would like.

GF: chapter 19, pp. 335-336      

The interruption turns out to be Ron, who apparently has come looking for Harry. Harry, however, is so angry about being interrupted that he throws a "Potter Stinks" badge at him and storms up to bed.

20. The First Task

Chapter 20 summary      

Chapter 20 - "The First Task" - In which Harry and Hermione unsuccessfully try to find a spell to use against dragons. Harry warns Diggory about the dragons, the fake Moody gives Harry a hint, and Hermione helps Harry learn to cast a Summoning Charm. The first task is to get past a dragon and collect a golden egg; each champion succeeds in turn, Harry being the quickest. Ron and Harry finally make up, and Bagman tells the champions that the clue to the next task is in each golden egg.

How Does One Get Past a Dragon?

GF: chapter 20, pp. 337-339      

Waking up Sunday morning, Harry quickly finds Hermione and updates her on his conversation with Sirius. They work together in the [library] to find a way to get past dragons, but are unsuccessful, and when [Krum] shows up they head back to the [common room].

GF: chapter 20, pp. 339-342      

On Monday Harry's nerves begin catching up with him, but when he sees Cedric he pulls him aside to let him know about the dragons in the [first task], leveling the playing field. Moody overhears, though, and pulls Harry aside.

GF: chapter 20, pp. 342-345      

Moody pulls Harry into his office, and talks to him for a bit about telling Cedric that the [first task] is dragons. He also gives Harry the hint he needs to get past the dragons, letting him realize that his [broom] is the key.

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